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Most used sex toys with escorts in 2024

Talking about sexuality openly was an impossible issue a couple of decades ago, however, with the advent of the internet people have become more and more open and receptive to talk about intimacy and share experiences and information regarding the ways in which they receive pleasure.

So it is common to see that every time new sexual trends come out that provide eroticism with a great variety and constant innovation, so that everyone can be trying new experiences with great regularity, seeking to reach those new levels of pleasure that before, because of taboos and social stigmas was impossible.

In addition, it is important to note that one sector that has benefited significantly from the normalization and standardization of sexual issues are escorts, as this has allowed them to have a much more active and less discreet role in society, giving them the recognition they deserve as a fundamental part of the sexual diversity of people, who have turned to escorts since long before this kind of issues became common.

Another aspect that has been involved very quickly in people’s sexual life is the implementation of sexual objects and toys to intimacy. This was not common before, however, nowadays it is completely normal and recurrent, so if we combine both, we can surely unlock a new world of pleasure.

London Escort a naked couple making out on the bed

Therefore, in the following article we will discuss a series of sex toys that can play a leading role in the following encounters you have with escorts, which will allow you to achieve a satisfaction that you could not achieve in any other way.

Vibrating rings

Vibrating rings are an extremely practical type of implement that any escort will allow you to include in your sexual encounter. It does not get in the way, it does not make noise and you do not need to use your hands to give pleasure to your partner or yourself. 

As its name suggests, it is a ring-shaped toy that will be placed around your penis and will emit a series of vibrations that will stimulate both the man’s member and the vagina of the lady providing the service, so that both can count on that little extra pleasure that will help them reach orgasm together.

Due to its ease of use, almost any escort will allow you to include it during intimacy.


Nowadays vibrators are a type of sex toy that has been massively distributed, you can find them in any size, presentation, texture, capacity and shape, so any escort will have one that best suits her to receive all the pleasure they need.

Like the rings, this type of implement is extremely practical and easy to use, so it will not represent a nuisance during penetration and can benefit both of you.

Sex Dolls

Lately sex dolls have become fashionable as they are a great way to simulate the experience of a threesome, saving certain inconveniences that could derive from the realization of the same with two real women.

Including a third person during our sexual relations could entail certain situations, among which it is important to mention the increase of the service fee, the possibility of having problems and sentimental confusions if one of these girls is known, having to be constantly changing the condom and taking into account much stricter health measures, so the dolls have become the favorite option for those who want to live this experience.

Escorts and sex toys

It is a fact that not all escorts will be willing to implement sex toys in their encounters with clients, however, if you are willing to enjoy this experience, we guarantee that within an online agency you can find a huge catalog full of girls, among which will be the expert in incorporating these additives in the most creative ways possible.