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My First Escort Meeting With a Client

I was a very young girl who was in London because of my university. I started into the escort industry quite quickly thanks to a man who offered to help me earn money. Since I was unable to find a job back, then I instantly agreed to his offer. But that’s a story for another time. Today I will say how my first meeting went. I correctly remember my first one as if it was yesterday. My first client was a man older than me. He was very gentle and forgiving as if he knew I didn’t have much experience. As a new escort in London, I wasn’t in my best form yet, but I really wanted to please and meet my clients’ expectations. I was determined to do my best to meet up with my client expectations and not leave a bad experience.

My first client was at an incall meeting when the noble gentleman came into my apartment. It was a small but cozy one that didn’t feel very comfortable at the start. Everything felt new, and I was part of a larger world and not sure what I was supposed to do. I remember when he knocked on my door, and I almost panicked. Even though I had talked to other escorts in London, I still was nervous. I went to open the door and invited him inside with a smile.

The client meets me for only an hour, so we started talking. I felt nice knowing my client was talkative too. He was explaining to me how he was in London for a business trip, and he rarely meets with call girls. He was washing while I was waiting to be very nervous. Once he came back, I decided to give him a striptease since I liked it. Suddenly he began to touch me. At the start, it was unpleasant, but I gave up on his touch very quickly. His gentiles and experience made me feel good and went with the flow. He started touching me into more private areas. At the time I was a hairy London escort so I was quite nervous whether he will like me or not.

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Hairy London Escort

At the time I was under the category of hairy London escort. This means I had a little bush down there and my client knew and wanted that. I’m pleased to know that the bush was exactly like he wanted it to be. We started getting naked and things were taking the fun turn. After passionate sex, I felt exhausted and didn’t know what to do. Shall I thank him, go to the bathroom, or lay beside him. He understood that and pulled me close, telling me how amazing I was. Once we finished he said that even though I didn’t have enough experience, he would still book me again. He knew I needed those words to feel great about myself and I can’t thank him enough.
Looking back at my first meeting as an escort in London, I could have done many different things. Thanks to his beautiful words, I gained confidence in working as an escort in London. Sadly I never met the guy again even though he said he would come back to me. Currently, I am more relaxed and comfortable, giving much better performance on my encounter with the clients. Since then, I have collected many positive reviews from happy gentlemen. If you want to book me, search through the Theorylove escort agency gallery. I am waiting forward to hear from you.