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Open relationship – concept and advantages

Opening a relationship is not for everyone, we know that for a fact, but we also know that most of the relationships that decide to open a relationship are much happier than they were when they refused to do it.

There are couples that are perfect, they do everything they can to stay together and it’s almost effortless the fact that they stay together no matter what. But not all of us are like that, there are people who maybe like the fleetingness of small relationships more while having a larger bond, and that’s not bad, as long as it’s conversational as a couple.

And nowadays, the possibility of experimenting as a couple with London escorts or with private individuals has become much more open. Does this type of proposal catch your attention? Read on. 

open relationship

What is an Open Relationship?

In short, open relationships are those where a couple decides not to have sexual exclusivity, that is, this person can experiment with other people without any problems, and these couples can be several or just one depending on how the other couple likes it.

There are several ways to maintain an open relationship, this depends on the sex-affective needs of the people in the main relationship and what they agree on. They can also agree on what are the deals that can be had with the other people, if it is only emotional or can lead to be physical, or if it is physical what is it limited to, etc.

It can also be the whole package, and even the other person can participate in threesomes and other types of sexual events that your partner is willing to practice.  In fact, this is a very common escort service, where experimental couples hire an escort in order to experience what a threesome is. 

And believe us when we tell you, the experience is so satisfying for some people that they even do it again and again. Many of our girls at Theory Love Escort have private partners who have signed them up for threesome relationships on a regular basis. 

Advantages of an open relationship

Being able to relate openly with other people, without guilt:

Many people believe that this is nothing different from infidelity, but no, it is quite the opposite. In fact, in open relationships there are also infidelities, which is when the other person does not respect the rules that have been imposed to open the relationship. Open relationships are still relationships where you have future goals and so on, only that you agree to maintain contact with other people. For many women and men the sexual relationship has no meaning beyond satisfying.

There is no betrayal:

Betrayals happen when you lie and hide from the person you love, in open relationships you talk much better about each other’s needs and agree on how to proceed, taking into account that your partner will be informed of everything at all times. 

Routine will not take over the relationship:

Many relationships end because of this silent problem, routines are good until they transfer to sex and you no longer enjoy what you do at all and you already see your partner as just another brother you live with. So opening the relationship will give the person the possibility to grow and have new experiences that can be used soon in your bed. Especially if you get together with a Theory Love Escort expert in knowing what to do with them in bed. 

It increases mutual trust:

Talking things out knowing that you are not going to have any kind of problem with the person is one of the nicest things that trust can gift you, and this is obtained if we really make an effort to listen to our partner as humans and not as people who owe us some kind of fidelity or specific thought to keep.

If you want to learn more about the concepts and benefits of an open relationship, or want to experiment with your partner with a quality London escort, always opt for the girls at Theory Love Escort.