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Oral sex with London Escorts

You will find in the world of escorts a lot of sexual practices that you can experiment with depending on your tastes and the things you are willing to try. In addition to thousands of types of girls that match any kind of female body fetish you may have, such as big boobed escorts or wide hips escorts. 

But talking about the great number of positions you want to try, there are some that we imagine predominate among your tastes, and maybe you have already experienced them before but today is when you feel the need to try it now with a real sex expert like a London escort, for example, oral sex. Which will be our particular topic today. 

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Positions you can try with a London Escort 

Any type of sexual position that has to do with penetration can mostly be used as a position for male oral, as long as this is the one you want to experiment with. 

There are the basic ones, where the London Escort takes care of all the movement work or there are the positions where she allows you to be the one to move and enjoy, as the girls know that many times there are limitations because of the neck and speed, as well as there are people who have fetishes with this type of practices. 

If you have already decided to try the experience, then we have a few positions that you can try, whether you are a man or a woman.

Lying down and the girl on top

This is one of the basic and easiest to do, although it will be a little slow because of what we mentioned about the neck. For this, you must lie on your back on the bed, and the girl will be on top of you, kneeling between your legs, while she puts your penis in her mouth. This also works if you are sitting on the corner of the bed, and you can clearly control the speed with your head as long as the escort agrees to it and does not generate resistance. 

Also if you want to be part of the fun you can lie there and have her put her pussy on your face while you suck it and suck your cock, doing a 69. For some it’s a satisfying fetish, it’s up to you. 

You have control of her mouth 

For this the escort will lie on her back on the bed and her head will be on the edge of the bed, giving you access to put your cock in her mouth and you control the movements of your hips, fucking her from side to side. 

One of the very nice advantages of this is that your cock will go deep and you will enjoy the tightness of her throat. 

Add a chair to the fun 

You can always get creative with the positions you do, especially if you’re someone who has experimented enough with sex and wants to try different little things. So, grab your chair, sit down, and enjoy the fun that the escort will give you. There are a lot of possibilities for this, plus the fact that it can end in a good tight fuck. 

We are faithful believers that the more hostile the place where you have sex the more satisfying it is, so make it a little more difficult and you will see how you will have a tight, lustful and hot sex. 

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