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Ordering an escort for a bachelor party, process

Bachelor parties are processes where usually several men get together to celebrate the farewell of one of their friends from single life to married life, where the sexual or love encounters are clearly limited to the ones you are going to share with your partner. Usually, these parties are organized by the groom’s friends without the groom having any idea of what the process is going to be, so you have much more freedom of choice. 

Like any other situation, friends should think about what are the things that the friend who is getting married would like to experience before his big day, and if you are here it is very likely that your friend will thoroughly enjoy a nice, well endowed girl who will give him a good time. Be it simply on sight or with a good service that includes intense or enjoyable physical contact. In any case, Theory Love Escorts will guide you on what are the classic steps you can take to order an escort service.

Sexy black woman wearing a coral orange one-piece bikini while posing for the camera on her sideway.

Make sure this is the girl your buddy would choose

It is likely that you are long time friends or you have an idea of what his physical preferences are in terms of women, so it is the ideal time to decide which is the girl you are going to choose to make your buddy enjoy a good stretch of the night. Particularly prestigious escort agencies such as Theory Love Escort allow you to see a detailed menu of the escort girls that you can choose from.

So go to that website and make sure you check out the best options and choose wisely. If there are several escorts for a more general service, you can afford to choose several escorts with different physical characteristics to complement your perception of perfection based on your friend’s tastes.

Work out prices with everyone

In case there are several escorts, we imagine that the prices will be divided among several of the friends to make it affordable for everyone, and if it is only one depending on the agency, it is likely that they will also want to divide that payment. In the most correct agencies usually put the price per hour, and add an approximate price per service to choose. 

Time of service

Usually bachelor parties tend to be at night, so we imagine that you should choose an escort agency that has night services and that are not more expensive than usual by the hour, although there may be very small differences it should not be an abysmal difference. The best thing to do is to opt for basic hires that do not limit the bachelor’s time with the girl too much, such as five or four hours as standard. This will clearly depend on what your general ideas are that your friend will spend with the escort.

Special or standard services

Do you want the girl to do a striptease, or do you want the girl to do much more intense sexual services, blowjobs or fucks? Do you want her to serve the other guys or will only the single guy be entitled to see her for a few hours of the particular night? These are all things you should consider before you venture into hiring an escort. Talk to your other bachelor party or bachelor party planning partners, and lay the cards on the table as to what itinerary or activities you will be looking to do on that day or night of freedom for your friend. 

Finally, we remind whoever is reading this that if you are looking for a professional agency, dedicated and above all careful to offer a quality service, Theory Love Escort is one of the most suitable for this job. Excellence is the main basis of each service offered and satisfaction is guaranteed to everyone, whatever the service is.