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It is well known that nowadays, and since several decades ago, one of the most recurrent fantasies in the minds of all men is the realization of a threesome, specifically, those categorized as duplex, in which the male figure has two women completely at his disposal and satisfaction.

However, it is important to ask ourselves what women usually feel about it and think about it, in a reality in which there are many prejudices and stigmas about girls who want to enjoy a free and unrestricted sex life, as men usually do.

Duplex Escorts London

One of the complications of threesomes is that finding the right third person is determinant for the experience to be enjoyable. There are small details that if not taken into account can make this practice something really unpleasant and unrepeatable.

The first option for women is always to ask their partner to incorporate a second girl; the next alternative is to look for a partner on their own who wants to include you in their relationships; and finally there is the most common, two friends looking for a man to whom they can give the opportunity to fulfill one of their greatest fantasies.

It is important to point out, in turn, that if it is a completely heterosexual girl, hardly any of the options presented above will suit her, so the ways are closing to a duplex with men.

In any of the cases, having the right person is fundamental, and that is why we present you the best possible alternative to solve once and for all: to hire a specialized London escort from Theory Love Escorts agency, experienced in this type of sexual relations, who will be able to participate in them without seeming an intruder in the process.


What kind of fantasy women prefer

As you can imagine, there are several ways to have a threesome, however, statistically it has been shown that the female gender has a greater predisposition to threesomes where two men are included and they as the woman in particular.

On the contrary, many men may find this idea repulsive and even if presented with the opportunity, they would surely reject it.

Tips for a satisfying duplex

The main problem with threesomes is that if it is already complicated for two people to be satisfied during sex, it is even more difficult for three to be satisfied, and if this does not happen, your guest will probably not want to repeat the occasion.

For this reason, one of the most basic tips we can give you in this regard is to have a clear and constant communication with your partner where both can expose their thoughts and expectations in this regard so that they are clear from the beginning what they are looking for, and clarify that in the process there will be no feelings involved, only with the intention of feeling the pleasure that this generates.

However, other extremely important tips for you to have a successful duplex are: you can choose the most suitable place, it is important that you have enough space, privacy and that it is a neutral space for the three of you, that is, that you do not associate it with anything of a personal nature; likewise, it is ideal to create the atmosphere in advance and break the ice so that you can have a smooth conversation.

Finally, there is the most important detail, and that is to know how to select the second girl, in the case of men, who will accompany them throughout the intimacy. As choosing a known person in your environment is not an option because this can lead to sentimental confusion, our best suggestion is that you count on the help of one of the escorts that we put at your disposal.

Our fully personalized service at Theory Love Escorts will make it easy for you to find the ideal girl who meets both your requirements and those of your partner and who is also endowed with dazzling beauty.

As we mentioned before, London escorts are highly qualified and trained to perform threesomes successfully, do not hesitate to contact them.