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Our experts in erotic showers in London

Once the monotony and constant repetition attack our sexual encounters and begin to bore us, we tend to lose the morbidity and the same desire to go to bed with the same person or with escorts, therefore, it is important to make a drastic change to reawaken our libido and put us in the mood to continue with our sex life.

Erotic Shower London

In this sense, one of the fundamental pieces is to change the environment, moving from the bed to a shower would be ideal for you to start enjoying a side of your sexuality that you had never had access to before.

For this reason, we will give you the advantages of requesting sex in the shower or erotic showers to your escorts when you go on dates with them.

Water as sexual reinforcement

Any sexual intercourse under water or in the shower will drastically increase the morbidness since it will provide new sensations and contrasts that will make the senses tingle with pleasure.

The wet environment, the steam, the warm water and how refreshing it is create a much more erotic and morbid environment than a bed, which, although it may seem more comfortable, eventually it will also seem boring and basic. Therefore, the shower provides you with all the factors you need to give you a space where eroticism and sexual debauchery will reign.

Many London escorts, aware of this, have started to include erotic showers and sex in the bathroom in their services, so it is a matter of consulting in advance so that you can be sure that you are with the right girl to fulfill your fantasies.

In addition, having sex in the shower will ensure that you are in a hygienic space and suitable for your genitals, running less risk when it comes to maintaining intimacy in this place.

Recommendations for a successful erotic shower 

Being in a different place from your room, you should know that the conditions for having sex will change, there will be positions that will no longer be as easy as the missionary or doggy style, therefore, you will have to listen to your escort in the requests she makes since she has the necessary experience to have sex in the most comfortable way possible. 

Also, it is important that you take your precautions regarding the type of lubricant that you will use, since those that are water-based will melt quickly and will not be a viable option during the sexual practice. Those that are silicone based will be ideal since they will have a greater resistance to the constant flow of water and will provide both you and your escort with greater comfort.

In addition, you must take into account other aspects such as the fact that since it is a very humid environment, they must avoid slipping and they will have to position themselves in specific ways to avoid getting hurt or tripping when they have a much more intense penetration.

These are all factors that an experienced escort from Theory Love Escorts will be able to control and you don’t have to worry about her, it’s all about having good communication beforehand to ensure that the service is the most profitable for both of you.

The importance of the place

Undoubtedly, a factor that can significantly condition our sexual performance and that will bore us very quickly is the place where we perform. Hotels and rooms being the first option and everything being very controlled and measured, with the passage of time will not generate any kind of morbid and fun beyond the simple act itself.

That is the reason why sex in the shower has gained so much popularity and probably surpasses the comfort of the room, being exposed to different factors, taking into account other aspects and being able to enjoy different possibilities is ideal for many people to enjoy much more in the shower.

With an experienced escort, you can undoubtedly discover a new side of sexuality and explore pleasures that you could not feel before, do not hesitate to put into practice this wonderful variant of sex.