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Reasons why Escorts use mandatory condoms

One of the things we always emphasize about Escorts is that they are expert and professional women who offer a service that could never be compared to prostitutes or any other similar type of service. And through the veracity of this fact is the fact that there are things that many clients use for the services of any person and that even if they enjoy it can not be encouraged in the world of Escorts for very important reasons related to the professionalism of the work.

One of these important things that should be taken into account more than it is currently done, is the use of condoms. Which can be a controversial issue as we have mentioned, but from theory love escort we stand firm in our decision to educate our escorts in their mandatory use in all relationships they have with a client, if they do so. 


If you do not understand why this decision and you are one of the people who are genuinely affected by this, we explain why we remain so focused on maintaining this rule among many others so that our service can remain one of the best in London. 

Safety for you

First and foremost, at Theory Love Escort we care about our clients and we take great care to ensure that they receive a service that truly compensates in quality for everything they ask for and goes behind the price we tend to place on our services. Our escorts cost more than a prostitute because they are not prostitutes, we really pay attention to detail and we do not only dedicate our girls to open legs.

For this reason, although some clients may not like it because they are not used to following these rules, we maintain the use of condoms as a basic part of the service. We must remember that escorts visit a considerable amount of people and stay active, so you never know with whom they have been intimate and the only way to protect your health is to offer you a barrier method as important as the condom to avoid problems that if or if you are going to have with a prostitute, such as getting an infection, disease, etc.. Most of which cannot be cured. 

We know that the experience could be slightly affected, but we try to make sure that our escorts use or recommend to the client condoms that have particular effects such as extra thin, or textured, so that the experience is not totally affected. 

Safety for them

We as an agency ask our girls to have constant examinations and to have them in order to know if they can continue offering the service, and above all to know that they themselves are healthy. We greatly appreciate all the girls who offer services in our agency and we stand behind their physical and mental well being. We do not accept any kind of coercion in order to get them to take off their condoms, and we take action if this happens and we find out about it.

Our girls are our most valuable treasure, without them there is no agency and we give them the importance they deserve and that is why we invest in their safety. So if you are really looking to have sex with a girl without a condom, we recommend that you look for another agency that suits your needs because for no amount of money our girls will give in to temptation. 

If you have any other questions about how we handle the rules for escorts at Theory Love Escort, we will be more than happy to explain to you little by little how we handle our girls here. We remind you that in order to offer you a paradise and not chaos, we also comply with very specific ways of working that we hope you will accept and respect once you order a service with one of our beautiful and professional girls.