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Rules When Meeting a London Escort

It is no secret that the field of escorts has become more popular in the last decades thanks to the fact that people have considerably lost the taboos and social stigmas that revolved around this type of work. 

This has partly helped people to open up more about the sexual sphere and thus, there is more diversity and freedom when it comes to choosing our preferences or favorite sexual desires. However, all this has also brought a series of problems or drawbacks, such as the lack of knowledge when dealing with an escort.

If you want your encounters with escorts to be as comfortable, pleasant and enjoyable as possible, in general, that everything is a success, you must know how to treat them and understand that not having paid for their company you have the right to treat them as objects.

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Since in our agency we are in favor of mutual respect and completely transparent and profitable services, we will give you a series of recommendations so that your dates end in the best possible way.

Use the right language at all times

Remember that the girls who provide their services as escort ladies do not do this by obligation or necessity, as a general rule, they are women who enjoy meeting new people, who feel a great vacation for this type of work or who like to have an extra income which involves socializing, therefore, they are not in the need to tolerate mistreatment of any person.

Use correct language, be polite and respectful at all times and this will guarantee you from the first moment the interest of the girls to provide you with their services. When communicating with them, be polite, brief and sincere so that the conversation goes as smoothly as possible.

Know what your tastes are and be sincere

Before hiring an escort from Theory Love Escort for a date, you should know what your tastes and preferences are, in short, what you expect from the encounter. There are many people who resort to this kind of services for the sexual benefits, however, not all escorts offer this kind of work, so you should identify which ones do.

If you have specific desires or fantasies such as anal sex, deep throat or threesomes, you will have to detail it among their preferences or ask directly. Once you have found the ideal girl, you should explain in detail what things you want to do during your encounter so that she can determine if she is able to provide her services to you.

All this is essential so that you can have a pleasant encounter and that your experience hiring the services of an escort is the most pleasant possible.

Do not discuss the rate

Once you have specified what you expect from the date with the escort, she will offer you a rate according to your requirements, needs or preferences, and it is common for people to be surprised precisely because a luxury escort is not characterized for being affordable, however, you should refrain from bargaining or asking for discounts on the final price. This is because, like any other worker, these girls know how much their service is worth and they are giving you the best value for money so that both of you can consider the encounter satisfactory.

Take care of your hygiene

An indispensable aspect is that, as well as providing a friendly treatment, you should have a neat and clean appearance. Nobody likes people with poor hygiene and even less when it comes to intimacy, both for you and for the escort you are paying for it will be uncomfortable that you have not taken the time to clean yourself and dress properly.

Now that we have told you about it, you may have noticed that there are rules for both you and them, so try to be a nice, sincere and above all, natural person, so that both of you can guarantee the most profitable and enjoyable encounter possible without any inconveniences.