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Russian escorts and their most requested services

Escorts are currently having a lot of new clients that open the possibilities for new experimentations, having a lot of clients, the foreign girls, being so to speak the new face of escorts.

At Theory Love Escort, where we have a large number of girls of these varied nationalities that are becoming all the rage, we are in favor of supporting these clients who are looking for new causes. 

If you want to know what services specifically Russian girls can give you to boost your pleasure, then you are in the right place. Stay with us and read on, as we give you an exclusive preview of what you’re missing.

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BDSM to be the dominant 

Although ejaculation is not the main goal of the BDSM experience, that doesn’t mean you can’t use practices we usually employ in conventional relationships to provide greater stimulation for your partner and get all of your senses focused on the sexual experience. You can incorporate certain techniques such as undressing slowly, caressing your partner’s body, kissing and talking dirty using subtle words to stimulate the person you are massaging to the maximum.

Once you have specified all the above factors, it is important that when you are going to practice BDSM you know precisely all the erogenous zones of the man and the body beyond the genitals only. This type of practice seeks to achieve a total stimulation of the body, so you will pay much attention to the penis, testicles, perineum, anal area, among others, and above all, keep in mind that this is a process of discovery, so you will have to experiment little by little with your escort partner, not everyone likes to be stimulated in the same way in certain parts of the body in specific.

For constant contact with the genitals, it is essential that you have lubricant at hand, such as almond oil. This will allow the touch to be much softer and your partner can feel more pleasure in the process.

Bisexual threesomes 

It has also been determined that women actually tend to investigate more about escorts at this time, probably because they are victims of the various social convictions and have more time alone, which invites them to try new experiences and discover sides of their sexuality that they would not have dared to explore when they were accompanied. However, it is curious that, by habit, it is estimated that men tend to investigate this type of website much more than women. So if you are a woman who likes sexual threesomes, Russian escorts are the obvious choice to go for if you want satisfaction. 

Remember that our Russian ladies are not only prepared to give you great sexual pleasure, but they also have highly developed social and conversational skills, which will allow you to have great company in these important moments, assuring you that you will have someone by your side who cares about your attention, affective and physical needs.

Our Russian ladies are completely at your disposal 365 days a year and your welfare is their main concern, do not hesitate to contact us, we have a fully personalized service.

Russian Masturbation

There is a particular way to call this type of handjob, and it consists of the girls rubbing your penis with their huge tits. And particularly Russian girls have a big chest that makes this possible. So they are experts, although the name does not have much to do with exclusivity as many of our standard escorts perform this service.

If you want to experience the Russian fantasy, then move on and hire one of our Theory Love Escort girls with Russian nationality. Experimenting is always fun with our girls, it gets us out of the routine and takes us to new possibilities we never thought possible. What are you waiting for?