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Russian Girls: Your best choice

The women we have at Theory Love Escort are the best in London for one specific reason, and that is that apart from the obvious that their services are the best, it is because we have a wide variety of girls so that everyone can fulfill their special fantasies and no fetish or sexual taste is left out. This is the main reason why so many Londoners and tourists always choose our agency when looking for Escorts. 

In particular today we will tell you about an option that many men have considered as the best in recent months since their addition to our agency, and that is the Russian girls that are now being added to these services and that allow us to try other new things, if you understand what we mean. 

If you are not convinced or you are looking for the positives to get out of your comfort zone, here at theory love escort we are going to explain what is for us the main reason why you should experiment with these women the next time you decide to hire an escort. 

London Escort young sexy blonde girl wearing a red one-piece bikini while posing for the camera in front of a blue background wall

Great variety of bodies, but above all, great women.

Although we try not to fall into classic stereotypes, it is undeniable that a large part of the population of certain countries has very marked characteristics. In this case, most of the Russian girls we have in our arsenal of girls are of large proportions, with this we do not mean that they are fat, but if they tend to be girls who have a large volume in every way. 

So if you like girls with volume they are an excellent choice to take, and especially if you are a fan of huge breasts that bounce and bounce in your face when you are fucking them. Anyway, on our website we allow you to get a glimpse of the escorts before you hire them. 

Strong and attractive personalities

As you imagine them or as they are usually presented to you, that’s how they are. These women have no decency in telling you what is right and wrong according to them, they are women of extremely strong opinions and strong values. Talking to them is for the brave who really love a challenge and enjoy a wise woman unafraid to speak up for herself. 

And they do all this while maintaining their composure and being extremely attractive in their own way, as well as feminine but not the definition we are usually used to. This is one of the fabulous things about them, they are full of surprises. 

Customs different from ours

Just as tourists will have other customs that the French are not used to, and vice versa, you can imagine that these women are quite different from what we are used to, so it is quite fun and interesting to get to know other cultures and educate yourself or maybe take advice from this one. 

Both in the way of drinking things, as in the way of eating, also the accent is something that for many can be a fetish or something interesting or enjoyable to listen to, and even the fact of listening to anecdotes of their country or their customs. Meeting new people is always fun, and much more if they are beautiful women who see us in a different way than the rest. 

New positions 

As well as the customs, Russian women have peculiar ways of having sex and even many sexual practices that we know derive from them, so the best thing you can do for you is to experience what sex with a Russian girl is like, even if it is only once in your life.

Anyway, on our main page where we have all our girls we show one by one what services she specializes in and we allow you to make special requests in case you have any. Dare to explore and you will see that you will win in every possible way. But be warned, you will most likely come back for more.