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Sex and alcohol with escorts, do they go well together?

When going to see an escort, nervousness is one of the most recurrent and completely natural characteristics in men. It is normal for them to feel even afraid due to different situations, either because it is the first time they are exposed to this experience or because they have had previous events that have left them with a bad feeling or impression about this kind of service.

In any case, they will surely resort to various measures to calm down and let go of their nerves, among these, the consumption of alcohol or other drugs. It is common to believe that sex and alcohol go hand in hand, practically everyone has sex in bars or restaurants, however, this could have other consequences, and these will be the ones we will address in this article, so stay with us and find out why you should not consume alcohol before a date with an escort from Theory Love escort.

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Effect of alcohol on sexual performance

When people consume alcohol they usually feel more able to interact in social circles, and this is normal, it helps us to inhibit some senses and allows us to think less about things, so we can fit in better at parties and gatherings.

However, in the same way that it affects positively on a social level, it affects negatively in sexual terms. Indulging in alcoholic beverages can cause several problems such as the loss of sensitivity in areas that are extremely important when it comes to enjoying the service of an escort, such as the genitals.

Thus, the performance in bed can be significantly impaired if you do not consume alcohol with enough moderation, reaching, in the worst case, to have erection problems and wasting the date because you are not able to continue with the meeting in question.

What about other substances?

If you are thinking about consuming other illicit substances such as marijuana or cocaine to get rid of all those nerves when seeing an escort, unfortunately they can have the same effect on your sexual performance and, being much stronger, worsen it to the point of leaving you incapable in bed, disinhibiting your senses and reflexes, thus affecting your central nervous system.

In addition, all narcotic substances tend to dehydrate the body, which would also lead to you not being able to secrete enough fluid in your intimate areas to facilitate penetration.

Why not to consume before meeting an escort?

Beyond the clear sexual problems and the inconveniences that could occur during the service, it is important to remember that even though you are paying for the date, escorts are free to take the necessary measures if they feel at risk due to the state of alcoholism they have.

It is important to remember that if you are not a reliable escort or if it is your first time, you should make a good impression not only so that the service flows in the best way, but also so that the escort is comfortable providing her services afterwards.

The most luxurious and demanding escorts really do not like to provide their services to highly alcoholic or drugged people, so we completely discourage the consumption of these substances for your sake as well as for the sake of our affiliate.

Suggestions for cutting the effect of alcohol

There are really no magic ways to cut the effects of alcohol on your body, however, we recommend that you take your measures in this regard and that you organize yourself in time so that the effects of these substances disappear before the date.

We advise you to stay hydrated and give your body enough rest so that the central nervous system and your reflexes can return to normal and thus provide a great experience for both yourself and the escort in question. 

Being in your five senses will allow you to have a much more enjoyable date, nerves are temporary and our professionals are highly trained to keep conversations and communication completely stable, so let her break the ice.