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Sexual trends that are maintained over time

It is a fact that people tend to change constantly in all the areas in which they work, and the sexual one, without any doubt, does not represent an exception to this rule.

Human beings are always in search of new experiences to satiate their libido, either through the incorporation of new positions, having erotic practices with another person, trying to explore things they did not dare before, among other things.

However, there are certain types of sexual arts that despite the passage of time, never go out of fashion and never bore people. We are not necessarily referring to complex or innovative practices, they are things that have always been around because since they were implemented and discovered by people they work very well and make us discover new levels of pleasure.

For this reason, in the following lines, we will give you a series of erotic trends that never go out of fashion especially in our agency Theory Love Escort, they are always the favorites of most people, and if you go as an escort, it is ideal that you have them in mind so you can get the most out of your encounters with these professionals of pleasure, so stay with us.

London Escort sexy brunette wearing a blue bikini while posing on a stripper pole

Anal sex

Anal or Greek sex is one of the oldest sexual practices that exist, and since it was discovered it has always been present among the favorite arts of many people. It is an unconventional way of having erotic relations, however, for those who incorporate it, it is highly addictive and satisfying.

Nowadays, it is more than assumed within people and therefore, escorts have specialized in the performance of the Greek, so it is extremely common to find escorts who specialize solely and exclusively in the performance of this type of sexual practices.

It is important that you take a series of precautions when performing this act. You must remember that the anus is unable to lubricate itself and produce fluids, so you must always have a good lubricant to facilitate penetration through this orifice. 

On the other hand, the anus is one of those areas that should be stimulated in advance to relax it and make sex much more pleasurable and comfortable for both partners. However, if you have the help of a sex professional, this will certainly not be a problem since she will take all the necessary measures beforehand so that both of you can fully enjoy it.

Oral sex  

Also known as French, this is another of those sexual arts that never go out of fashion. The performance of a good oral sex, either by the man or by the woman, is an infallible way to escalate the sexual tension between both people and finish eliminating the physical barriers that may exist between them.

Depending on the escort you consult, you can find a great variety of ways to perform this practice, and each one of them will have a different rate. Some ladies prefer to perform it naturally, that is, without the intervention of condoms, while others will consider it an indispensable requirement, it’s all a matter of finding the one that best suits your preferences.


Threesomes have been one of the favorite fantasies of men since ancient times. The incorporation of a third person to intimacy opens an unlimited amount of new experiences and levels of pleasure for both to enjoy in the best possible way, so it is undoubtedly one of those trends that do not go out of fashion in the sexual sphere.

There are escorts who are only dedicated to threesomes, so they are specialized in making these encounters unforgettable and can perform without any problem.

Where to find these escorts?

If reading all this made you curious to try one or remember the feeling, in our online agency you will be able to find the best escorts in the city of London.