Smoking Fetish Escorts in London

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What are Smoking Fetish escorts in London

Did you ever wonder what this is? Well, we can explain it to you right away. The smoking fetish escorts in London are girls that like to play with those cigarettes and especially with the smoke. This kind of fetish makes the gentlemen that book them go crazy about these girls when they get into it. They are hard to find but not impossible that’s why we love to hunt for these “secret” services. Not all the agencies have these babes that can do some smoke tricks that’s why we took the niche and put them on duty for you.

Learn about Smoking Fetish escorts

The smoking fetish escorts in London are not just random girls who like to smoke or receive some on their faces. They like this kind of service and that’s why they do it even though it requires a lot of intimacy set up with the client. Not all the girls are ready to take that step but we got some serious ones out here that are ready for it.

Best Smoking Fetish companions

We don’t try to be cool when we say the best smoking fetish escorts in London, we say that because it is true. Proving it would be a kid’s game because these babes with the amazing bodies and those curves sweet as sugar will make you wonder your existence. No one can be compared with them especially when it comes to the bed, their flexibility in sex and character makes them great companions.

Why choose Theory Love Escort Agency

Smoking fetish escorts in London were hard to identify but once we got them on the right tracks we can’t afford to lose any one of these babes.  We try to keep them happy as much as we try to keep our clients with a smile on their face. Our agency it’s more than a simple mediator we work a lot to keep both ends satisfied.

Book our models

If you make up your mind and step forward to book one of our girls then it will be a great moment for you. They will treat all your wounds and problems that you had during the day and no one will be more pleased than you when it ends. We are sure you will book one of these smoking fetish escorts for a night because it’s so hard to resist their charm.