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Spanking: What it is and how to practice it

If your sexual relationships are being affected by lack of substance, spanking can be a small way to bring them back to have a little more shape and excitement. Do you know what we are talking about? Stay with us and we’ll explain it to you. 


Since time immemorial BDSM aficionados have been using this practice in their sexual sessions as a staple of the whole huge practice. But don’t worry, if you’re not a fan of hardcore practices this one isn’t, more if it adds a little more sting if you’re used to vanilla sex. 


London Escort spanking lash


And lucky for you, you can do this with an escort. Are you ready for the content? Here we go. 

What is spanking?

As the name says, the practice of spanking is based on spanking your partner, it can be done lightly or with good force. Particular objects can be used, you can do it with the palm of your hand open, closed, to your liking. The intention is that you put your own spice. 


There are studies in hand that say that a little nalgadita during sex can increase pleasure by up to 40%, so if you are looking for something that encourages you and your partner to keep giving it hard for a little longer, this is a perfect way to do it.


Believe it or not, this practice has its own science to follow, that is, it’s not done just because and you must learn how to carry it out. So, don’t go away just yet, we guide you now step by step on how you can do it. 

How to practice spanking


Talk beforehand:


Many people love these practices to be totally spontaneous, and we understand that to a certain extent, but you have to remember that ordinary people are not like London escorts who are open to any kind of fetish. If you are having sex with a private individual, it is always good to clarify your intentions and what you would like to do during sex, and even if you can, put a safe word.


The safe word is a word that both you and she can say to totally stop the sexual practice during some kind of very strong discomfort.


The Environment:


Spanking does not really require a specific environment to be carried out, but we must consider that this practice can sound and alert people around us, so it is best to keep it private if we do not want uncomfortable situations with third parties.


Unless, among your fetishes is voyeurism. 


How to start:


Each practice has its levels of intensity, there are some that range from lighter to more intense and cause a little more pain. Remember that this practice borders on masochism in BDSM, so everyone adapts the level of pain and pleasure they want to receive to their liking. 


The best thing to do is to start with a super soft spanking, just to motivate the person and let him/her understand that you are in control of the situation. Depending on the person’s reaction, you can increase the level and add other small practices such as pulling the hair, squeezing the skin, among others. Always watching how the other person reacts. 




According to our Theory Love Escort girls, the best thing you can do in terms of spanking positions is to do it in doggy style, or standing leaning on a piece of furniture or a wall, always in a position where the girl is on her back. It is excellent, and very enjoyable for both of you. 


After-Spanking Care:


Every practice has its effect on our partner’s psyche, so it is important that, outside of the role you have chosen in sex, you seek each other out after sex for a loving aftercare or if it is more your style, start talking about what you did and did not like, what you would experience again and what you can experience next time. This is a way to better understand your sexual partner, bonding is not necessary but it is important if it will be repeated in the future.