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Girls of the Week

The 10 things you should know about an escort girl

If you are a dedicated and loving client, who makes an effort to know about the girls you hire, this information will probably be nice and helpful to you the next time you have a date with one of these beautiful girls.

Today we have compiled 10 facts that we think are important but not often mentioned about dating an escort or meeting one. Are you ready to know them? Let’s go there one by one:

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She doesn’t like unpunctual people

One of the things escorts hate the most is when someone does not meet the estimated date deadline, since many of them have to attend to other matters even when they are very excited about their date with you, so disrespecting the agreed time can lead them to totally change the way their day was going to be. 

Although let’s not kid ourselves, anyone with two fingers in front would be annoyed by the fact that someone is unpunctual. 

They like their job 

Many people have the concept that these girls are doing this kind of service and that they suffer with every service, but we are not that kind of concept. All our girls enjoy their work and even set their own limits in terms of services, so there is no such thing as “forced” here. They are all voluntarily with us, and most of them had other similar types of jobs. 

They have some other type of studied branch

To be an Escort you must have more than just an excellent body and a charming personality, you must have the particular tactics to know how to satisfy a man and understand that not all men are the same and that a simple caress will turn them on. Many of these women come from other areas, such as being a masseuse, physiotherapist, and even models where they have experience with dealing with many other people’s personalities and physical problems. That is why they are said to take away stress with just their hands. 

They are women of culture

Believe it or not, most of the Escorts that offer their services in our agency have some kind of current degree or studies that make them much more interesting women to talk to. They are perfect to take to business parties where you must have a nurturing topic of conversation, so no, these women don’t do it out of necessity, they do it out of choice and occasional fun. 

They tend to work hard to maintain their figure.

These girls maintain very strict exercise or sports regimens to keep themselves in excellent shape and offer much higher quality services, because even though there are men who love round women it is not the same as sloppy. 

They love it when you ask them where they want to go. 

If you don’t have a specific plan when you hire them, they will gladly give you options if you have a concept at least, or they can help you from 0 to find it so that you both have a good time. 

They don’t mind going anywhere

Your room? Your parents’ house? A romantic or simple dinner at McDonald’s? These women really don’t have a very specific base of where to take them, and can accompany you anywhere as long as you tell them where from the beginning. 

They are selfless in their services 

They are not women who are going to ask you for constant purchases or gifts, let alone bother you with the fact that you must meet certain parameters, they offer their services equally to everyone. 

They don’t like bad answers

The only thing that escorts, whether they are from our agency or not, really don’t tolerate too much is bad answers. They are very happy to offer you the services you need as long as you take good care of them verbally and physically, they don’t like insults or mistreatment. 

They go through a casting 

All the girls that enter Theory Love Escort go through a very specific casting to know if they can work with us, in this way we guarantee you as a client a quality service that you can live again whenever you want.