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The best sex positions for chubby and obese people

Having a few or many extra pounds is not a reason not to have an active and enjoyable sex life, nothing to do with your physique should inhibit you from receiving pleasure. 

But we do know that being overweight makes it a little more complicated to do certain positions, and can sometimes frustrate us to the point of not wanting to experience any type of sexual practice. But today that will end, with the help of our dear London Escorts we will give you a few tips on what you can do so that this is no longer a problem. 

Sex adapts to everyone, there are positions for any type of body and physical condition, so you just have to investigate what works best for you to enjoy. 

London Escort chubby guy

Accept that big bodies are sexy too.

We need, before we start with sexual positions, to emphasize the fact that in order to fully enjoy sex you need to personally understand that all bodies are attractive, there is no one better than another and that everyone deserves the same. 

Beyond the complications, many people may limit themselves from practicing any type of sexual practice for the simple fact of being embarrassed, and this should not be a frequent occurrence. 

If you do not feel comfortable, you can always practice initially with a London escort, who will guide you on positions that you might not have thought to try and above all you will realize that she, no matter what, will not judge you and much less make you feel uncomfortable. On the contrary, her priority is to make you feel good during your stay with her. 

Get this in your head, and now, let’s continue the article.

The best sexual positions

Although there are some positions that do demand a greater physical effort, most standard sexual positions have as a priority to be comfortable, safe and enjoyable for the people who compose the sexual relationship at the time. And that’s just what we’re looking for today. 

Doggy style

You must know it, you will have seen it in many porn movies, if not you have already practiced it. For this, the girl has to be on all fours while you, as the dominant, stand behind her, either standing next to the bed or kneeling on it, to penetrate her from behind. It can be the vagina or anally, depending on what you both have agreed upon for the moment. 

If you want a better grip and the girl has her arms tired, you can flex them and do a sort of wheelbarrow while holding them and propelling yourself forward. 

Legs over the shoulders

This sexual practice requires you to be on top of your girl, while she puts her legs on your shoulders and you penetrate her deeply from front to back, it is very good for people who have a few extra pounds of sensuality. 

The particularity of this position is that it makes access to the vagina much easier, and the clitoris is constantly stimulated, so you will probably see the girl writhing in pleasure as you swing on top of her. 

Inverted Cowgirl

In this position you will be lying down, it is advantageous if you are a person who tends to get too tired when having sex. For this the girl places her knees on both sides of her partner in front of her feet leaning forward so that her partner’s stomach does not get in the way and simultaneously sits on his penis.

If necessary you can put pillows under your knees so that comfort is not a major issue, so it adjusts to the perfect height and the depth of penetration is more manageable. 

Side position

For plus-size bodies it is normal for positions that have directly to do with lying down to be easier for them, and in fact, for pregnant couples it is ideal as it allows the woman to rest her belly. 

Another benefit of this position is that when intercourse is over, you will both be in the right position to relax and be in a loving embrace. This is definitely a great position for the more romantic men.