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The erogenous zones: everything you need to know

Thanks to the rise of the Internet, information has been obtained in recent times on a wide variety of topics, so we have been provided with a lot of knowledge about the ways to give sexual pleasure to our partner, making this no longer optional.

Thus, it is important that you know which are the erogenous zones of your body, since these are data that until relatively recently were not handled with the same normality.

We invite you to read on to find out which are the parts of your body that can generate more pleasure and those of the opposite gender as well.

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What are erogenous zones?

If you think that the genitals are erogenous zones you are right, however, you are not going as deep as you could to determine which are those parts that could generate sexual pleasure, therefore, the definition is much broader than we think.

An erogenous zone refers to a location on your body with a large number of nerve endings which, through stimulation and touch, are able to cause satisfaction and arouse curiosity in your partner, so we are not just talking about the genitals.

Certainly, not all people feel pleasure in the same way and it is that in very specific features, no being is equal to another, however, these are the areas that, scientifically, it is proven that can excite your partner and that will prepare them for the sexual encounter.

In addition, it is important to highlight that London escorts have a great ability to stimulate and massage each of these areas to stimulate sexual desire in their clients and prepare them correctly for intimacy, this being one of the characteristics that makes them so good in bed.

Primary erogenous zones

The zones are divided by the degrees of intensity and by the amount of nerve endings that directly affect sexuality, the ones we consider primary can refer to the genitals because through the stimulation of them, such as the clitoris or prepuce, we can generate an orgasm.

Secondary erogenous zones

These refer to those places where it is not possible or usual to reach climax because they do not have enough nerve endings to induce this response in the body, but they would be able, through their stimulation, to generate a great pleasure to our body and contribute significantly to orgasm. 

London escorts make use of both these and the primary ones simultaneously to ensure that their clients have an unforgettable experience thanks to them.

Potential erogenous zones

Potential erogenous zones are the most difficult to discover as they will vary from person to person and not everyone may respond the same way to stimulation of them because they provide very subtle signals. One man may feel that he is sexually stimulated by the touch of his back and others may not.

Women’s erogenous zones

Thanks to genetics and women’s bodily predisposition, this is the gender that has a greater number of nerve endings that generate sexual pleasure. In this way, it should be noted that their main zones refer to the clitoris, vagina, anus and breasts; the secondary ones to nearby or unexposed areas such as the neck, thighs, ears, lips and buttocks; and the potential ones are the ones that vary the most from woman to woman, but you can start by trying the hands, back or feet.

As you will notice, the stimulation of erogenous zones is fundamental to ensure that your partner achieves sexual pleasure. One of the most sensitive areas of the male body is the prostate, so there are a wide variety of escorts who are experts in stimulating it to achieve greater orgasms and erections in men due to the amount of nerve endings it shares with the bladder and penis.

Get rid of those prejudices about this erogenous zone and count on the services of the best escorts in London at Theory Love Escort so you can access new levels of pleasure.