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The True Attractiveness of Big Boobs: Beyond the Myths

It is a fact that each person can be attracted to different parts of the body and that no one is tied to any norm or rule that establishes what we should like and what we should not like. It is for such a reason that there are individuals who are undoubtedly attracted to the proportion of a girl’s ass, hips, breasts or even the appearance of her feet.

Through the present reading, we will seek to delve into the importance of a woman’s boobs within intimacy and why people tend to notice them so much, while we recommend you the best place to find the best endowed girls in London so that you can have an escort service tailored to your preferences and tastes.

Big Boobs Escorts

Busty Babes a Visual Charm

We can all agree that even among women themselves, breasts are seen as one of the main attractions of the female body and that having the perfect proportion for many will be a source of adoration and morbidity, guaranteeing success within the services of escorts and call girls because of their great aesthetic factor.

However, having big boobs also has a historical context associated with it and is linked to our most basic instincts, since in the past, women with remarkable proportions were worshipped as a symbol of femininity, abundance and fertility, which is why we still see breasts as a great attraction.

The Emotional Connection with Busty Escorts

It is important to note that large breasts are an aspect that attracts adult men and this also has scientific foundations. During lactation, the main job of the breasts, they tend to release oxytocin, the love hormone, which is responsible for creating a mother-child bond while calming the infant.

This can be reflected in the behavior of older men who are attracted to London escorts with large endowments, as they tend to give them a feeling of greater satisfaction, tranquility and in general terms, that the service they are paying for is really profitable.

Breasts as a Symbol of Fertility and Femininity

In addition to all the aspects mentioned so far, it is important to delve into the previously suggested point, that is, the breasts as a symbol of femininity and fertility. This is associated with the main reproductive work of our species, one of the objectives of every person.

Busty London escorts have been understood by the social conviction or myth that they tend to have greater fertility and that in general terms, they are better able to conceive and raise children, therefore, instinctively men tend to seek the services of escorts with large breasts because they associate them with femininity.

Beyond Appearance: Inner and Outer Beauty

All the factors and clichés we have discussed so far regarding breast size are true and have great weight when it comes to tipping the balance in favor of busty women, however, it is important to remember that escort services do not stop focusing on the company and on how essential the connection between the lady and the client is to have a pleasant and profitable service.

There are busts of different proportions, shapes and colors and each one of them adapts to the varied tastes of people who look for the ones that best suit their requirements and needs, therefore, not having lush breasts is not a reason for complex or insecurity, in the world of escorts there are many more aspects to take into account.

Based on this, within our London escort agency Theory Love Escort you can find a great variety of bodies and girls, so you can find in one place what suits you and adapts to you. We provide a catalog with a diversity of women of all types and features, along with information about their services, rates and contact information so that you have in one place everything you are looking for easily and quickly for an unforgettable night.