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Things you can do with your London Escort for fun

Many times we take escorts as very serious women who should only be hired in sexual situations or in situations where you need company for important things, such as business events where you need to go with a partner. And while it is true that they fulfill these roles, they are also quite loose with other themes. 

London Escorts are made to be creative, charismatic and to keep you company wherever you want to go as long as it is within the law. These women are there to satisfy all your needs, but not only the sexual or the merely labor ones. Therefore, today we want to give you simple ideas that often are not thought of when it comes to enjoying your time with a London Escort.

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Going out for a coffee

Something so simple can be very satisfying, especially because in London there are a lot of coffee shops or places with good atmosphere where you can go alone to enjoy the surroundings while experiencing a good conversation with someone, in this case, your ideal girl. 

The escorts are mostly very charismatic and tend to bring up very good conversation topics, so we assure you that you won’t get bored at all if you give them the chance to take you out of your comfort zone. 

Go to a place with games 

Fairs, arcades, amusement centers, escape houses, there is plenty to think of to have a much more interactive date and that both of you can make small bonds that will definitely have their effect if the night ends in sex. This type of situation generates endorphins that make the body feel much more alive, something that makes post-game sex very intense, didn’t you know this? You can use it if at some point you have a date with a girl you want to take to bed. 

But beyond sex, it is something different that is not experienced at all times and can be the perfect excuse to get out of the routine even for a while. In London there are several of these attractions, it is just a matter of choosing the one that catches your attention and gives the escort the context of what you are going to do that day. 

Having sex in a forbidden place 

What do you mean you’ve never had sex in sneaky places before? You are missing out on the delights of delights, having sex in a car on a street corner or parking lot, or going somewhere outdoors with nature for a little quickie session is one of the best experiences you can have, you are missing out on the delights of life. 

Believe us, anywhere is a good idea as long as you are agile and cunning enough to do it. And escorts know how to get away with it every time.


If you’re a non-Londoner experiencing what’s new in the city, it’s always a good time to sightsee, but not to go to places as simple as any monument that’s probably full, but to really curious places that not everyone knows exist. That’s where the real juice of the experience is. And you can always experiment with that with a London Escort as she knows well what are the unusual places where you are likely to have a good time. 

These girls can be good company in many ways.

Plan a date at home 

Don’t feel like going out? The classic idea of ordering or making food at home and lighting some candles is a good idea, or watching movies in your bedroom or living room is also a great option. Don’t worry about how fancy the experience is, these girls are not very demanding as long as they are going to have a good time, even the rest could be good for both of you. 

It’s a matter of trying your luck, maybe it will become a routine to go to your house if you don’t tend to be a person who visits or goes out a lot. However you want, you can do it, it’s best to experiment first in a comfortable environment if you’re an introvert and a worrier.