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Things you should never tell an Escort

Just like anyone else, escorts have their limits and dislikes when it comes to the services they provide, and many clients don’t know this. If you are interested in being an empathetic person to these women who do a tremendous job for the male and female society, then you can read this article with all the specifics of what you can and cannot do with the escort in terms of questions.

Some of these might even cause the girl to refuse to provide you with the service, so pay close attention so that this doesn’t happen to you.

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Lowering the Price of the Service

This is one of the things that could cause an escort to dislike the most and she could even ask you to leave so she doesn’t have to give you the service, this derives from the fact that many of the girls know what they are worth and that they consider that their services could cost more, asking for a discount for the price of their body and their attention beyond all the services they have available is a serious lack of respect.

Imagine selling a product and someone asks you to lower the price because it does not match their idea of what it should cost, it’s uncomfortable, right? That’s why Theory Love Escort has in each profile of their girls the prices specified based on the needs of customers, to avoid scams that the same customers can mount if one is careless. 

We also offer the services depending on the amount of services you want, beyond the standard ones, so that you go to your date with an idea of what is the price you paid or will pay depending on your taste. 

Changing the service during the date

Usually at Theory Love Escort you pay in advance, that is, you know what kind of service you are going to ask for, the amount of hours, and all that. So you don’t get killed by the fact that the girl will have to at some point tell you that she has to leave and charge you. So it’s important that you know exactly how much you’re going to be spending so that the girl has it easy and can already know what she’s going to do.

One of the discomforts escorts have with asking for unexpected services is that they may not be willing to do it and saying that it can’t ruin the service, or they simply have other ideas in mind and also the fact that they are going to have to charge you that extra and they don’t know if you are really going to pay for it as you should. So, if you want to please one of our Theory Love Escort, always be clear with your particular needs. 

Treating them disparagingly verbally

These women also have feelings, traumas, preferences and self-respect, so they are very specific about the fact that they like to be treated well as long as they are treated well. Believe us when we tell you that they are capable of standing you up if they feel they are being disrespected. We’re not saying you’re a total simp either, but it’s best to always be respectful even if you’re serious and reserved. They will fall in love with you, but they can’t do it if you insult them and talk ugly about them. 

Many men think that because they are paying for a service these girls will tolerate yelling, hitting, or other types of abuse, and this type of acts in Theory Love Escort we do not tolerate them in any way, all our girls are important to us and we are in favor of them being treated as any person should be treated.

With all this in mind, you are ready to hire our girls and enjoy a good time with them. We promise you, you will have the best day or night of your life if you decide to get a service from Theory Love Escort. The best London Escorts agency in town at your disposal.