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Tips for a date with an escort as a first-timer

We are all novices in some subject, we will never escape from it and it is something that we must process internally as it is part of life, it is part of growing and looking for new things to experiment with. In any case, it is always good that being newbies we take the time to look for ways to learn. For now, in this article we will show you what are the most basic tips we can give you to dedicate yourself to the new world of enjoying with escorts.

The first tip is to have confidence in yourself and allow yourself to experiment a little more so that you can find the things that you really like that you had no idea you might like. After all, these services don’t judge, they don’t condemn, so you can let your imagination run wild as much as you want to see how far it goes.

Romantic night date of a sexy couple staying really close to each other in a sensual close up face portrait.

Experimenting with an escort can also be beneficial for your future with other women, or simply to help you get to know and understand yourself a little bit better in a way you didn’t know before. That said, let’s proceed with the little tips:

First tip

Dear, I recommend that you choose a muse that is in line with your interests. Talk to her, tell her that you don’t handle the subject very well. The experiences on the pages of the girls help a lot to know what their services are like.

If at the moment of contact you notice something strange (excessive advance payment, unreliable communication), obey your intuition. And in any case, always opt for agencies that look quite reliable and that you understand how they work. Preferably agencies that specify what the costs are prior to collection.

Second tip

Take care of the details of a good perfume, clean clothes, neat, be a gentleman, hot as a potato casserole, iron with your hand, let yourself go, according to your taste and respect. Ask what you can and can’t with the chosen girl and voila.

The best thing you can always do to feel comfortable during the experience and get the best out of the escort is to dress presentable so that you feel at your peak and get the best out of her. Remember what they say: Dress and groom yourself first, so that people can then see you and feel good about you. Believe us this tip for when you’re feeling nervous is perfect.

Third tip

We are already accumulating good tips that will serve you well, many with the wisdom that experience as an escort agency has given us. If we have to add a few more tips, is the fact, make a list of at least 3 to 4 girls who meet the requirements you are looking for, both age preference, services offered, it is always advisable to have experiences, and in the future and if you want to perform kamikazes, but in a first experience I do not recommend it. Study videos, stories and photos that you like. Then contact and clarify your doubts and details beforehand.

On the date and as we have already emphasized before, your appearance and hygiene must be in accordance, always be respectful, do not forget that girls are people just like you and we all deserve respect, regardless of the particular or circumstantial context in which these meetings take place. I assure you that even the quiet ones will not judge you for being here.

Once on the court, enjoy it, go with grounded expectations and with that you have half of the game assured. And if the first experience doesn’t turn out to be what you expected, don’t be discouraged, the best thing about this activity is that it always pays off.

Now, what are you waiting for to jump into experimentation? You’d be surprised how much you can gain from just one experience, if it’s for us we recommend that your first time is with the help of Theory Love Escort girls, who are amazing in every way and will be gentle with you if that’s what you need to feel more confident about your first date with an escort.