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Toys to get you started in the world of Anal with Escorts

Thank God the practice of anal sex has had less stigma with both men and women for all that society has advanced in terms of the particular tastes of each one in sex, although in the area of London Escorts there has never been something like a taboo, in this world anything goes. 

Anal toys for men require a little patience to adapt to the body of the person, because due to the infrequency of this practice can be a little uncomfortable for the person who experiences it. So, don’t worry, step by step you will have the possibility to let yourself go with this practice. 

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Anal Toys For Beginners

In this opportunity we have created a variety of various toys that you can buy and have at your disposal when playing with your London Escort in your bedroom, so you can start the practice safely and beyond that you can also experience other things without hurting yourself. 

Before we start with the top, let’s mention that it is extremely important that you avoid starting off with large dildos or harnesses so that you avoid hurting yourself, as it is likely that you could get a tear. One of the positive things about experiencing this kind of thing with an escort is that you can listen to the voice of experience and go little by little, at your own pace. 

Have a lubricant at hand, preferably an anal dilator, or maybe a standard one, both are good to start with but it is basic since the anus is not lubricated like the vagina, the penis, etc. 

And above all, relax! It is important that you take this practice as something fun and that your body is prepared for everything you are going to do otherwise the process can be much more complicated, and we know that all you want to do is to pass quickly so you can relax. 

Anal Initiation Balls

Yes, that is the name of the toy and in fact it is very literal, as they are balls attached to each other of different sizes that adapt to your anus little by little while the escort introduces them into your anus, and believe us it is an experience that you will enjoy. 

When you gradually adapt to the size of the balls up to the biggest one, you can start inserting other things, and you can even stay in this practice if you don’t want to go much further. And you will also find that the process of moving them is very satisfying. 

One of the positive things about these balls is that they are very flexible inside the anus, they are made of a particular very soft material that won’t hurt you once they are inside, but you still need to use lubricant for standard use, so you don’t get hurt. 

Anal Plugs For Beginners

They are similar to the previous ones, but instead of being one there are several, and they can be left in place for the enjoyment of other areas while stimulating the inside. They have different shapes and sizes to fit any type of anus and any size, there are also progressive plug kits that you can use to start and that the escort can use with you during the night. 

Anal Prostate Toys

These are a favorite of many, as they have direct contact with the men’s P-spot and make them have very intense orgasms after a short time using them. 

The prostate is one of the most delicate areas of men, and these toys are specifically created to massage and not damage the area while doing so. Its use is quite simple and allows you to play by yourself with it if you want at home. 

It should be noted that these are excellent because as such are not inserted into the ass completely, but it is progressive and is more made for stimulation within it that can be achieved by just peeking the tip, which you must insert it in the direction of your penis into the anus making small exploration of its surroundings until it feels good.