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Turkish Escorts and their most requested services

Turkish escorts are having a great stir among the clients of escort agencies, and they bring uncommon services to which we are accustomed to Europeans or Americans who are the majority in London. But this is not a negative change at all, on the contrary, these women make your head spin over and over again.

If you want to know exactly what kind of services these beautiful women offer, stay with us and we will explain them one by one. And if you are convinced, remember that Theory Love Escort will always be your best choice when it comes to choosing the girls who will give you pleasure.

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Tantra Massages 

Tantra is a philosophical current coming from Buddhism which can be directly associated with yoga. Its main purpose is that people can connect spiritually with the things that surround them, specializing particularly in the sexual aspect of people who wish to see this as something beyond a banal or carnal act, providing the ability to turn it into something that can contribute to the emotional, individual and spiritual growth of the person.

Taking all this into account, tantric massage is one of the many options that are presented within Tantra, which is defined as an extremely pleasurable practice that will strengthen the bond between body and mind, thus enjoying a much fuller sexuality.

As it could be evidenced, tantric massage is an advanced practice that requires a great deal of experience and training to be performed in the best possible way.

In our agency Theory Love Escort, as we are aware of this, we offer you a catalog with a huge variety of escorts where you can find the best women in London specialized exclusively in the realization of this type of technique. They are completely willing to give you pleasure and guarantee that you will be satisfied, so we guarantee that you will not regret it and you will live an unforgettable experience with a great professional.

Anal Sex 

The anus is one of the parts of the body that has had more negative convictions attached to it and has been repudiated over time, to the point of considering that sexual relations through it should be considered blasphemy, and perhaps precisely because of these forbidden dyes, today people have so many fantasies about anal games and sex in question.

Knowing that it is a recurring dream in men’s minds, escorts have adapted to learn how to enjoy it without prejudice and in comfort, and although the world of sex professionals has expanded considerably, nowadays a good anal sex session can be extremely expensive.

In addition to all this, having anal intercourse is a process that requires relaxation and time, it is necessary to ensure that the area is as relaxed as possible through massage and caresses in order to eliminate the tension of the sphincters and allow greater elasticity in the cavity.

As you can imagine, having sex through the anus is something quite ironic since this part of the body specializes particularly in taking things out, not putting them in, and they are really body waste that the body should not contain. But despite all this, no one denies that after enough practice, anal penetration and orgasms can be exceedingly pleasurable.

Oral Sex

These women are unstoppable when it comes to oral sex, it is one of the most frequent practices in their culture so they make an extra effort to satisfy the men who ask for it in their service. 

They also perform different types of oral sex, ranging from doing it lying on the bed so that you take control of the movement, to doing it on their own so that it is deep throat. No matter the type of oral, they will be willing to do it.

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