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Types of oral sex performed by escorts

Within the sexual life of people there is a great variety of practices, and depending on individual tastes, these can vary, change shape or even disappear, all according to the levels of pleasure that they are able to provide to each individual.

However, there are a number of sexual arts that are indispensable. Regardless of the person, these will result in an inexhaustible source of satisfaction and will guarantee a great intimate encounter with the person they are with.

Oral sex is one of those many practices that are infallible in the intimacy of people, for both men and women is an easy, fast and extremely pleasurable way to reach orgasm, and escorts, aware of this, have polished their skills to the limit to make you feel new levels of pleasure.

London Escort sexy girl wearing red shorts and showing her hands

But it is important to note that not all escort ladies perform oral sex (also known as French) in the same way, there are some who prefer it in one or another specific way, so, through this article we will explore the different methods used by sex professionals to give you an oral.

Stay with us and learn a little more for the next time you decide to count on the services of a Theory Love Escort escort.

Natural French

As we mentioned before, this is another way of calling the practice of oral sex. The natural French undoubtedly represents the favorite for many people, mainly men. Doing it in a “natural” way implies dispensing with a condom during the performance of the same, so the penis may be in direct contact with the mouth of the lady who provides the service. 

If something is undeniable, it is that not all escorts will provide this service, since some of them pose more or less risks depending on the exclusivity of their services and the type of treatment they usually provide. In this sense, it is of utmost importance that before requesting it, you ask the escort via text message or phone call if she is capable of performing this type of oral sex.

French to the end

Just because you pay the fee for an oral sex session does not mean that the girl will do it until you ejaculate. If this is the type of experience you are looking for, then you need to specify that this is the case, as not all girls are willing to perform it.

Also, it is important to clarify where you want to ejaculate during the provision of this service, not all girls will make available the same parts of their body for the performance of this type of erotic art. Some will have their mouth, face or tits at their disposal, so all these details should be discussed beforehand during the planning of the encounter.

However, if something is certain, it is that by having this experience, the girl will make sure that you can finish during the performance of the blowjob. In addition to this, we must add that escorts are women specialized in providing pleasure, so they will know how to stimulate with extreme precision each of the sensitive areas of your body so that you can discover a world of pleasure that you had not been able to access before.


Cunnilingus is the female variant of French, it is oral sex applied to women. Clearly there are also London escorts open to provide services for other ladies, who have highly advanced skills when it comes to perform this type of practice.

At the same time, there are men who provide their services to perform cunnilingus to women interested in it.

In view of the great variety of ways of performing oral sex that you can opt for when hiring the services of an escort, it is essential that you make sure of the specific ways that the escort you are going to hire can perform them. 

In this sense, within our website you can find a catalog with a wide variety of girls willing to perform various types of blowjobs so you can experience unparalleled pleasure with them.