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Unexpected date ideas with an Escort

Are you short of ideas and you have already experienced all the classic restaurant, movie, and other clichés that they love and you are in need of a new experience that can bring you new sensations or a funny anecdote? Then today stay with us, as the best London Escort agency, we have a lot of ideas that you can use for the next time you hire a pretty girl to hang out with. 

A day out for a picnic

If you are something of a romantic and you are really going to enjoy a quiet outing that will take your mind off the usual things that you worry about, then you can think about having a picnic in a setting that is really pretty and full of plants. Besides, it’s not just for just looking at the scenery, but also for snacking on some food while you chat and there can be other activities. For example, if you are artistic you can bring mini canvases for both of you to make small paintings. This should not be forced, maybe for some it is an ideal plan and for others not so much.

London Escort sexy young girl wearing black underwear, black long socks and a green cropped top while posing for the camera

Drive-in movie theater: a classic

If you’ve exhausted the idea of the movie theater and you have a car, then this is an excellent idea to experience something already known in a slightly different way. Plus, it allows you to have a little more privacy in case things get a little hotter. 

But if you don’t go with that intention, it’s also a lot of fun and it’s likely that the cold weather during the show will keep the two of you close together. 

 A viewpoint is always romantic

Every city, and especially one as beautiful as London has places that you just have to experience during a romantic outing. In this case, find your favorite viewpoint and take the time to enjoy the view with a beautiful woman by your side. In some cases, you can share a light drink without overdoing it with alcohol, but this is totally optional. 

Dinner at home

In case you have a terrace in your house or you have a small space where you both can talk and share in an intimate way, it is a good option to have a date. You can order food or make it directly from your hand and set the space with drinks, lights and music. Also, most of these dates end with a little fun in bed, so try not to eat too much to have freedom in this subject. 

Ride around the city on a motorcycle

Even though the traffic in London is horrible, it’s not a very crazy or bad idea to rent a motorcycle and ride around the most beautiful places and try it out place by place. Doesn’t this sound creative? It definitely gets anyone out of the routine. 

Nothing like a cultural day out

If you are a tourist, this is probably an option that will catch your attention, and you can afford to see the monuments of the city, the important buildings or the outstanding galleries of the moment if you go with a person who is naturally a native of London as part of the escorts we have available at Theory Love Escort.

The city changes a lot from night to day, so think carefully about when you want to go exploring and above all, try to go to the important but not so well known ones so that you avoid spending the day in huge queues and so on just because you want a photo that everyone wants.


If you like a much more lively plan, this is definitely your plan. London is a crazy city at night with some of the best exclusive clubs in Europe, so an outing with an escort in this kind of environment will always be a new experience that will bring you different anecdotes to tell later. 

Now, you just need to choose the Escort. Remember that at Theory Love Escort we have our girls available 24 hours a day.