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Unusual positions to try with an Escort

Would you like to experience something different from what you’re used to, but don’t know what to do or where to look? We’ve got it for you. In this article we will explain the most unusual poses that you might like to experiment with an escort.

Queen of heaven 

As the name says, the idea is to take you to the top of the sky as soon as possible. To do so, the escort must be on her back on the bed, and she must bend her knees as much as she can in order to stick them to her chest. And as for you, your role is to place yourself on the outside of her legs to penetrate her since she will have her vagina exposed, and you must help yourself with your hands to open her labia and go much deeper. 

This is suitable for any man as it helps the penis, no matter its size, to go deeper and drive the escort crazy, at the same time that we have better access to her depths and can lead to orgasm in a much more intense way.

London Escort five sex young girls posing together for the camera

Lotus position 

Many sexual positions of the Kamasutra are inspired by yoga and its flexibility, so we will see that many of them resemble positions already known to those who have practiced it. 

In the case of the lotus position, the man needs to sit on the bed or floor with his legs crossed and the escort will sit on his lap, to curl her legs around him and clearly facilitate the penetration. From there it is a matter of taste who is going to move her hips to make the friction. 

This practice is recommended for people who already have a certain level of intimacy with the escort since they will be face to face. Usually there are clients who tend to have a favorite escort, and this position is perfect for those cases because it will allow you to be a little more sensitive and romantic by having her so close. 

In case you really enjoy the escort enjoying the act, you can add the fact that she is leaning on your hands to open up better and the clitoris will have a better stimulation. Although it is up to you to experiment with the position, move forward, backward and any variation that allows you to enjoy. 

Hangman position 

In this case, you as a man must be in a really firm position, that cannot move from where you are. Be it a solid wall, a column, a stable countertop. And then, you will create a support with your own hands so that your partner can sit there and you can penetrate her. She will clearly hold onto your neck and it will be a matter of balance.

It is clearly recommended that the person who is going to hold the escort be strong enough so that she does not find herself in the uncomfortable situation of not being able to support the weight and having to resort to another position uncomfortably. 

It is not recommended to practice it after drinking, because it requires a perfect balance.

Monkey position

If you are really willing to experiment in the sexual area, then it is time to try the monkey position. For this, you as a man should be lying on the bed or furniture facing upwards, while the escort will get on top of you and get on top of you. And if you want a good penetration, but with enough edge to give you an intense orgasm, grab your wrists. 

You can try anal or vaginal sex, depending also on the size of your cock or the limits of your escort. 

The wooden bridge

Of all the bizarre positions in the Kamasutra, this one requires the most flexibility and balance. The man arches his body into a bridge, while the woman sits on it and slides her hips back and forth.

Among the benefits of this position is the opportunity for deep penetration and exploration of other erogenous zones, such as the breasts. To add a touch of sensuality, the woman may choose to wear a blindfold, intensifying tactile connection and, why not, the opportunity for fantasies.