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Ways to experience new things with an Escort

One of the most common reasons why we decide to hire an escort is that we want a new experience different from what we usually experience during normal dates. And we understand these needs, which we often cannot fulfill even for lack of our initiative or ideas. So today we have made a pretty nourished list in our opinion about what things you can do with an escort.

Be it on a dating theme, or things you have done before but not with an escort and sex expert and you want to see how it develops into this new idea.

London Escort sexy brunette wearing a pink bikini an glasses while posing for the camera

Go to unusual places

Think of the most unexpected thing you would take an Escort to, it could be a movie theater, a park, a museum, anything you enjoy but don’t feel goes well together and could generate new fun experiences for you to see. 

Among the examples we can give you are:


Have you ever had a date with an escort in a movie theater? If you are looking for sex, it might be a curious experience. If you just want to experience new things in terms of dating and unusual company, it is also a good idea to develop.

Just make sure you choose the right movie, and that both of you are going to have fun during the experience. Consider that this girl is there to have fun with you, for nothing else. 

Amusement Park

Amusement parks can be a good option if you need a company to distract you from your day to day life and let the endorphins in your body run, making them move and leave you with a feeling of lightness in your body. In fact, it is recommended that if you have a date you take her to an amusement park because the adrenaline will make your body feel much more active and you can have one of the best sexual experiences of your life. So if you have thought about it, it’s time for you to opt to ride that roller coaster without fear of messing up your hair.

Also if you are a fan of hand games, it is excellent that you go to a game booth in any mall. It’s something different, that makes you feel happy and like a kid. And who knows, you might win the escort’s heart by giving her a hairpiece. 

Artistic exhibitions 

Do you consider yourself artistic? What makes you think that your date can’t be artistic and that you end up sharing one of your deepest interests while watching an exhibition in person holding hands? Think big, just because you consider your interests boring or rare to share with another person doesn’t mean you can’t get someone else who feels the same way you do, or a regular person you could teach about the subject and make it a new topic for them to research or discover. There are a lot of possibilities you will manage only if you take the risk of inviting your dream escort to an exhibition or museum. 

Besides, miss out on this opportunity while in London? Very foolish if you do. 

Suggest sexual positions you haven’t tried before

Escorts, despite the fact that they are an excellent company, they also have a lot of enjoyable sexual services that you can consider to be of the best quality. Especially if it is the Theory Love escort girls gives you the pleasure of experimenting with them.


So if an idea has been cooking in your head for days, months or years and you have not had the opportunity to experience it hand in hand with a woman, this is your ideal time to expose it and create a satisfying sexual experience for you that will allow you to know a little more of your body. 

Have you already decided your date? You just need to contact one of the London Escorts we have for you.