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What do men like in bed? Fantasies to fulfill with Escorts

As a private person we imagine that you have certain fetishes that you are looking to experience in one way or another, what if we told you that with an Escort you can fulfill your goals and find the most satisfying and assertive way to do it? By hiring one of these services you could find a safe, uncompromising and quality way to fulfill all your physical needs. 

Among the fetishes that Escorts commonly cater to men, which do not tend to be public knowledge, we can find the:

London Escort sexy blonde wearing black bra, black underwear and a black leather jacket

Being dominated

Many men are attracted by the concept of being in front of a dominant woman without wanting to feel that they lose their masculinity, so they choose to have sex with an escort so that such secrets are kept mostly in private and they can return to their usual routine as if nothing had happened, without the risk of someone spreading their particular tastes in bed that they have in public. 

Escorts have exclusivity contracts so you don’t feel compromised or vulnerable to really let yourself go with escorts the way you want to. So you can communicate to the escort what all the tastes are that you think you want to satisfy that night.

Also these girls give utmost importance to foreplay, which many times they say that only women enjoy when it is not true, there is nothing better than taking a man to the edge while you give him oral to not even start with the night. So if you are this kind of person who really wants to be given priority in bed, you are in the right place. 

Anal sex

Normal women that we can find everywhere, even the easiest ones, find it difficult to try anal sex, so many men are left with the fantasy in half. So if you are one of these people who would really like to practice this, you can easily do it with escorts who are all experts and beyond giving you a basic experience, you will realize that you will have to come back to feel the same level of satisfaction that you are experiencing thanks to her that no one else will be able to replicate. 

Anal sex with a partner should be a progressive process as girls often feel a lot of pain and start to complain a lot, which will not make it satisfying if you want to try it with a girl you have only seen once. The best thing to do is to opt for an experienced person like an escort. 

Having a threesome

During threesomes, many men turn away just to watch as both girls give each other some pleasure, and this is actually quite a common fetish that escorts are used to experimenting with. So if it is your case of wanting to have a threesome or foursome with some girls and have a preview where you can just watch them, the girls at Theory Love Escort are probably the best option you can choose. 

It will also be a great way to learn what women enjoy watching them pleasure each other since they already know their weak spots, so take it as a satisfying class. 

Let her pleasure herself

Many not only like the fact of giving pleasure to the girl or watching another woman give it to him, they are also extremely turned on by watching her masturbate in front of him. And many Escorts with beautiful bodies, angelic faces and enjoyable features are willing to open their legs for you just to watch her pleasure herself in front of you.

Change location

Men are very turned on by improvised sex, and escorts are well aware of this as they are experts in having a position for every place in the house or wherever they have decided to have their sex session, be it in the kitchen, in the bathroom of a place, a restaurant, a car, a hotel, wherever. Believe us when we tell you that you won’t get bored with these beautiful women.