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What do women prefer in bed?

In sex everything is valid, and each person is a world in this regard, but we can be guided by some particular patterns depending on the social jargon to which we are focused. For example, men tend to like to get down to business even though they enjoy foreplay more and more, while women LOVE foreplay. While others love anal sex, women don’t much prefer it even though some enjoy them, and so on. 

Since we don’t really like the idea of generalizing, we have done a research among all our escort girls who are constantly exposing themselves to sex, to find out what are the opinions on what women like, straight from a woman’s mouth. So, if you’re looking for advice, we’re telling you that this is the best time to be.

London Escort sexy brunette wearing a dark blue night dress while posing in front of a red curtain

The three things women want in bed

What are the most common complaints women have that they lack that even men don’t understand? Just as we men have some requests, so do they. And by fulfilling them, expect the biggest orgasm you’ve ever seen from a woman. 

Neck kissing

Girls constantly state that they love kisses on the neck, which is one of the things that turn them on the most. Some of them like the marks, others don’t, for example, escorts usually don’t like it very much, but it’s up to each one to decide. But a yes, are kisses on the neck in any presentation. This derives from the fact that there are many nerve endings in that area. 


As we mentioned at the beginning, many women agree that men do not give so much importance to foreplay, which seems to them fundamental for sex because women do not have a penis that erects directly, they are much more psychological than us and need more stimulation.

For many it is tiring when the guy just puts it in, because the pleasure although it is much more focused for him and takes away the fun of sex because the idea is that both are benefited from the connection. 

An easy way to add pleasure to these moments is for us to add toys, or the typical one of making her wait or blindfold her, get creative. Even, for the quickest, it is often ideal to simply do a quick oral to prepare the area, as not all girls drip and drip fluids, many are affected by not being able to get wet enough when the guy wants to get it in one. Get creative men! Foreplay doesn’t just have to be for them, but it’s important to make them feel comfortable. 

Moaning and talking

The above points are debatable to some extent, of course, if you’re very stubborn. But the one we can’t deny at all is this one, and that is that there is nothing sadder in bed during sex than a bed that doesn’t emit any sound from either party. Talking and moaning is fundamental to sex, almost something that should be basic to both. So please, let’s drop the pity and apply it a little more. 

When girls are in control, they find it extremely important for the man to talk, whisper and moan so they know they’re doing it right. So the noises that many believe will make them look effeminate will be just the opposite, they will excite their partner and can make the situation much more pleasant for both of them. Remember that moaning is a form of sexual communication. It conveys to the other what we like and whether we are doing it right without the need for words.

Finally, we remind you that if you are a person who wants a little practice or feels a little personal pleasure, you can always choose to hire a Theory Love Escort, in our agency you will find girls willing to teach you with practice everything you need to know about sex.