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What is tantric sex? Discover its benefits

One of the qualities of sex is that people are always looking for more and more pleasure. In the last decades a great variety of new sexual practices and trends have been invented in order to find ways to stimulate even more our genitals and achieve new levels of satisfaction, and therefore, tantric sex has become extremely fashionable as one of the most viable alternatives to meet this goal.

If you are interested in joining this new trend, discovering why people are starting to practice it more and more often and which are the best escorts in London from Theory Love Escorts to practice it, keep reading and do not miss any detail.


All about tantric sex

Tantric sex actually comes from a lifestyle or philosophical current called “Tantra”, which originates from Buddhism. Tantra is based on the idea of valuing everything that is in our environment, and therefore, to start enjoying a sexual life without prejudices or stigmas of any kind.

Therefore, the main quality of tantric sex is that it seeks to establish a connection between mind and body in order to further heighten the senses and receive a greater amount of pleasure.

What is tantric sex?

Although it is difficult to imagine if described in this way, tantric sex is based on the incorporation of meditation to sexual practices, either accompanied or alone, in order to get rid of all insecurities, doubts and fears to thus stimulate personal acceptance, while the individual gets rid of their taboos and negative social convictions to enjoy a sex life without prejudice.

Once all this has been taken into account, it will allow that during sexual practice, people can have a deeper bond in order to have more intense orgasms and access to greater pleasure.

Tantric sex exercises

There are certain exercises that should be performed as a couple in order to enjoy true tantric sex, among which, we will highlight below the most basic ones so that you can put them into practice successfully.

Eye contact: 

This is a key element in all sexual relationships, however, when practicing tantric sex it takes on an even greater value, so it is extremely important to maintain eye contact with your partner, which can introduce us into a meditative state through which we seek to reflect ourselves in their eyes and decipher exactly what we feel about it, thus strengthening a much closer bond.

Control of energy centers or chakras:

Tantric sex also seeks to stimulate and relax the main energy points around the body, so it is necessary that the couple gives each other massages to relax and dissipate the tension of each other, taking turns to give each other the session prior to penetration.

Exploration and worship of the feminine:

This type of relationship is represented by having a great cult of the woman’s pleasure. To the extent that the man provides satisfaction to his female partner, he will be stimulating his own satisfaction, so that he seeks to break with the macho standards instituted by conventional sex and traditionalist beliefs that often marginalize women and limit them to conform to male pleasure.

As you can see, tantric sex is an unconventional way of practicing intimacy in bed, which, if done in the right way, can generate greater pleasure than the previously mentioned.

For this reason, nowadays there are a great variety of escorts experienced in performing this type of sexual practices, and they will be able to guarantee you that you are doing it as it should be done.

In addition, they will put at your disposal all their knowledge so that once you have discovered the wonders of tantric sex, you can continue performing it with all your partners and enjoy a much more pleasurable sex life.