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What kind of escorts do men prefer?

People are constantly adapting and incorporating new things into their lives, this is a fact. Within all areas, we currently do things and enjoy certain tastes that might have been frowned upon in the past.

This is the case of sexuality, intimacy within people’s lives was a taboo aspect, and trying to enjoy erotic diversity was very frowned upon by society, so people tended to hide this issue from the rest and used to carry out their erotic practices secretly, even when it came to their partner.

But as we mentioned before, times are constantly changing and people’s focus moves from one point to another, so nowadays we have had the ability to remove the stigmas regarding a number of topics that were previously forbidden in public, one of these being the incorporation of escort ladies to our sex life.

London Escort sexy brunette with big breasts wearing a red bra and scarf posing in front of a brown wooden door

Having an escort was seen as something vulgar, and providing this kind of services was even worse, so people tended to keep all this information regarding what kind of sex professionals they preferred or what services were their favorites, however, at present this is not a problem.

So through this article, we will discuss a number of aspects regarding the type of escorts that, as a general rule, men tend to prefer. Do not miss any detail so that you can have a better experience in your future dates.

Is there a better escort than another?

Generally speaking, the short answer is no. This sounds a bit strange considering the fact that men tend to prefer escorts. This sounds a bit strange considering that escorts are categorized by cost, and therefore, it is common to believe that one that has more expensive rates, and therefore, more exclusive services, will be superior to one that has much more affordable total costs, however, this is not exactly how it works.

It is important to keep in mind that the price of the rate to be paid is only a reference of the exclusivity, experience and reputation of the escort lady, however, this does not fully imply that the service she is going to provide is the best for you or directly what you are looking for.

Therefore, there is no one escort better than another, there is one that best suits the needs and requests of each person in particular and therefore, will be able to provide a much more profitable and enjoyable experience. Therefore, the escort a man prefers will be the one that best satisfies all his requests.

Men’s preferences

Now, although physical tastes are also very subjective aspects, it is certainly possible to have a general idea of the type of body that men most frequently look for in escorts.

For many gentlemen, an indispensable aspect when it comes to counting on the services of an escort lady is that she has a voluptuous body, regardless of the type of event for which it is requested, and this is because this kind of girl tends to attract looks and attract attention more easily.

In addition, another common trait among men is to request women who have a slim and toned body, which represents a symbol of sophistication and elegance, aspects that are extremely relevant when it comes to corporate or business events.


This refers to the fact that another aspect that men tend to value highly is the fact that the escort is willing to fulfill a wide variety of requests and that she is able to act naturally in different situations.

An escort specialized in a single scenario who does not usually provide sexual services does not usually stand out among the preferences of men, who will always seek to maximize their benefits during the encounter with an escort lady, to guarantee themselves a pleasant experience.