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What not to miss in a bachelor party

The bachelor party is something basic, which should not be missing in any engagement bond as it is the last day of a man to be able to commit everything he wants. It is a tradition of thousands of years in our society since marriage always strives to be forever, so it is likely to be your last day as a bachelor. Just as it gives you the assurance that it is what you want in the long run.

We at Theory Love Escort have blogged about this before, but again we remind you how you can have a unique bachelor party that you will remember at any point in your marriage and that maybe, just maybe, makes you question your decisions in the long run. That’s how good it will be, ready? Let’s get started:

London Escort party girl


Believe it or not, this also has its organization and it is better to make sure it is done with time than to do it all at once and that it can have mistakes that could have been avoided by just paying attention to the assumptions. Usually it is your friends who will be in charge of the process, but if you want to add that special shock you can tell them that you want something specific, such as the presence of an escort inside the celebration to give you your last clandestine blowjob.

The amount of time you need to plan is proportional to the amount of people you want to bring, if you are a solo person it will probably only take you a week in the process. Keep in mind who is going, and then start stating your priorities so they can start planning. 


Make sure it is a place that is easily accessible and mobile, and preferably a place that is rented especially for that night so that you don’t have to share space with other people, especially if it involves the fact that you will be hiring escorts for the night. Also make sure it is a place that has closed areas where you can have privacy among all of you. 


 This clearly depends on each person, in particular we make direct reference to other things that have to do with the common fun games of farewell parties. Well, the escorts will take care of the fun as such once they arrive at the party. You can include games of chance or other depending on your taste. 

The fun of the stripper is saved directly by hiring an escort, as these girls offer equal and even higher quality services that can make any man drool just by standing in front of him. And remember that it is your farewell, so you can decide exactly what the activities will be by telling the guys in charge of the organization. 



It’s important that they figure out how to get home from the beginning and that everyone gets home safely, not that they don’t have a car, but that everyone will probably be too drunk to leave on their own by the time the party’s over, so it would be a good idea to hire some people to take everyone to their destinations as safely as possible. 

Set the rules for the night

You may not want people outside the event to know everything that is going on, so you can ask that no photos are taken during the evening and that no comment is made or it will be directly outside the organization. You can also agree that only you can touch the escort on duty, and a lot of other options that you can agree with. 

If you are looking for where to hire the escort that will make your night a total success, we remind you that Theory Love Escorts is available for you 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, just remember to schedule in advance and choose the girl based on your personal tastes. 

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