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What to expect from a Latin Escort

Many underestimate Latin women because of the stereotype that is around them most of the time due to their nationality and customs, but these women can be nothing but a fresh breeze in terms of what we Europeans are usually used to. It’s totally different from what we live in everyday and it’s something we should definitely experience at least once in a lifetime, either to get out of the day to day habit or to know if we have found our new direction and join the cult of Latin women.

Being people from other cultures we know that there are biases to recognize and respect, so today in this article we seek to clarify what you will find in a Latin Escort from Theory Love Escort for sure, based on what our clients have experienced.

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A woman of high character

You will be highly surprised at how strong and dedicated these women are, they are a far cry from the delicate and reserved European women, they tend to be much more fierce and always want you to look them in the eye. A Latina is not for everyone, it is only for strong men or for mellow hearts that allow these women to get into your brain and turn your reasoning into mush. With them you won’t have to worry about making conversation, they will make sure you talk and above all make you laugh, as they are very charismatic women.

They tend to need you to respect them a lot and always keep in mind that they are independent but they like to be pampered, as well as to pamper you after they have gained your trust. They can be dangerous, as they have an unparalleled charm. 

Varied and unlimited services

In the area of their sexual services as escorts, you will have nothing to envy their European companions because these women tend to start their sexual life at a very young age and have a good experience in sex. They know how to get to your weak points even when they don’t know you, they deduce it quickly and enjoy making you feel weak in front of them. 

If you are looking to have a large catalog of services to explore, we assure you that you will have that and more. You will have to explore classic services such as blowjobs or positions like 69, to practices already focused on particular fetishes. 

Incredible stamina

We tell you right now, if you are a man with a physical stamina for the fairer sex, we are not responsible for what you have to deal with once you activate one of these women and provoke her. They have a stamina for sex and any physical exercise that’s incredible, they never seem to run out of batteries, so you’ll thoroughly enjoy them if you’re someone who likes it well beyond one round. 

They are sure to make you sweat and get every last drop of all your fluids out, but you will still come back asking for more and more. 

Tasty curves 

One of the peculiarities of European women is that they tend to be slim and not very bulky, which for many is a dream, but these Latin women in particular tend to be quite voluminous. The size of their ass and tits is quite large, and they tend to have strong waists and strong arms, it’s practically being with a horsewoman. 

For people who like a powerful woman, it is good to hire a Latina. They come in various sizes, but you can always tell from their skin and body where they come from. 

A delightful accent

Have you ever heard these women speak French, English or their own language? You’ll be totally smitten from the start. They have a particular way of speaking that makes your hair stand on end, and many of them on the daily don’t realize this. The accent and dancing they have to speak, depending on which country they come from, is exquisite and makes you think only of what is going to happen when they are moaning in your ear at night.