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Where to Get London Escorts for Fetish Experience

London is a big city, full of endless new experiences that you as a person should try to live at least once to feel that nothing has been missing in your life. These types of experiences include those of a sexual nature, which are also important for human development because it has to do directly with the sensations of our body added to the fact of having an open perspective to our enjoyment. 

If you are one of those people who are looking for something new, something refreshing to apply in your life and you want to start dating London Escorts who can offer you what you need, then you are in the right place. At Theory Love Escort you can find a wide variety of girls for all tastes and colors that match what you identify with, but without giving you the chance to stay within your comfort zone.

If you are already a person who has tried a bit of sex but wants to get a little more thematic, for example, investing in fetishes, then we can help you with that. 

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Most common fetishes treated by our London Escorts

Foot Fetish 

If you’ve always found girls’ feet attractive but never had the chance to experiment with them for fear of being called a freak, you don’t have to hide it anymore. Our girls offer foot sex services, including handjobs with beautifully painted toenails of your choice, let you suck them, step on them, run them over your face, whatever you want. They enjoy it, and you give yourself the opportunity to experience it, just as they will be able to do it with yours. 

Narcotic Fetishes

Poppers are a little boat that can be used if you want your sex to be euphoric and daring, uncommon and exciting, leaving you simply physically exhausted. Luckily, our girls offer this kind of service with previous experience, so you won’t be afraid to try it and you will be safe during the whole practice.

Submission and domination fetishes

Usually in bed one assumes roles, but they are not as marked as if we go into submission and domination fetishes through BDSM, with toys, masks, bellows and other objects and practices that can be considered extreme. Whether you are a submissive or a dominant, you will find girls that provide both services to make you feel like the king of the world, or the nastiest worm under the feet of one of our beautiful girls with iron personalities.

Nationality Fetishes. 

Take away your prejudices, we all want a Latina or a Russian girl to talk in our ears with that tasty accent that makes our body firm, as well as our dick hard. At Theory Love Escort there is a wide variety of girls that can fulfill this fantasy of yours so you will never lack the satisfaction of knowing that you were able to fuck a foreigner and know what it feels like. 

Endless Possibilities 

The girls cater to a large number of people on a daily basis, so we assure you that many of the fetishes that you think are totally weird these girls have already carried out. So if you want to experience something and it is not mentioned in this list, you can always choose to personally ask the escort or our agency which are the girls that offer this type of fetish, or you can choose a particular girl and ask for the girl’s availability to do it.

The only fetishes that we are not open to you to experience are those that can harm your physical integrity beyond the pleasurable pain and that of our escorts, but these are very few options that you could select that our girls do not want to do. 

In the world of sex there are very few things that are unacceptable, feel free to discuss your needs with our experts. We are here to seek your pleasure first and foremost.