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Why choose a chubby escort instead of a skinny one?

Experimenting is always in a person’s desire to see new possibilities of tastes, you may or may not be open minded and that is totally respectable, but if you are tired of the same old same old and want to start seeing other options, then you are in the right place. Here at Theory Love Escort we will give you so much variety that you will spend time deciding what to do, who to see or how to enjoy it all at once. 

One of the most frequent changes or experimentations we tend to notice are men frequently asking thin girls to suddenly go for the plumper ones, which is a no return decision as they tend to get so much satisfaction from both sides that it is very common for them to start asking for threesomes. Can you imagine? 

If you are one of these people looking for constant change, this is your publication. We’ll tell you right now why you should opt for a chubby Escort over a skinny one.

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More to grab

Thin girls are cute because you can carry them and move them at will from here to there, but at the time of sex comes a moment of desperation where you want to grab them and squeeze them and it is simply impossible. While the chubby ones, what can we tell you, it is a delight to take them as juicy as they are and pull them from all sides and squeeze them when you are close to climax.

Especially since the excess flesh comes with something very juicy like a huge ass and huge tits, which are delicious to suck, bite, pull, squeeze, and everything else you can think of. These women really have their charm and watching them tuck into their jeans after sex is just satisfying, everything bounces, everything moves, and for those who think about it, it can be kind of a turn on to watch them bounce and bounce as they fuck. 


One of the great advantages that Theory Love Escort gives you regarding these women is that there is a great variety of chubby girls in our agency, from blondes to redheads, from brunettes to white, from one nationality or another, all this you can get in our agency so that beyond being chubby she fulfills exactly the fantasy you have in mind. 

The effort to fulfill your fantasies one by one and in a specific way is very real, never doubt our dedication to make you have a good time. And just like all our other escorts, these chubby girls are excellent escorts and go through the service tests we give to every girl who works with us to confirm that they are good enough to serve clients.

New positions and new sensations 

Among the special practices you can have in mind with these juicy girls is bondage, which they can teach you to do or if you are experienced you can do it, to see how that flesh began to take shape and it is enjoyable to see how it trembles and bounces in any position you put it. 

There is also the fetish of dominating someone who is larger than you, and these sexy women are ideal for the job as they will be at your feet if you so desire. Just make sure you hire the specific and ideal girl for this service, who has it specified in her job letter. 

What are you waiting for? 

These women are ready to make you feel good right now, just go to the Theory Love Escort home page, put in the search channel filter, type in the category you are looking for and you will find all the beautiful girls we have available for you right now. 

Even the most crafty people have found their ideal girl among this page, not for nothing is one of the best agencies in London, so get right now to find the love and sex that you need and enjoy our services.