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Why choose Escort Agencies over Independents?

We know that there are several options to be able to get the services of a London escort, more than there should be, and so today we are going to make this blog trying to enlighten why you should not only opt for escorts only from agencies over service, but why you should avoid it at all costs for your own personal safety. 

Escort agencies, just like any other type of agency, strive extensively to give exceptional service to their clients with well-structured and pre-thought-out systems as well as girls that have been tested and chosen particularly for the service. But beyond that, they also have these types of issues ahead of them:

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Security of your data

Agencies, as opposed to a private person you come across on any network, have very strict rules regarding the face of their clients and the way in which you expose yourself when you have a date with one of the girls. So at Theory Love Escort, for example, they have contracts with the girls where they specify that they cannot in any way expose who their client is, their name, or any important information outside of the service. This is so that our clients can come, do what they need to do, and not have any external repercussions when the service is over. 

Prioritize good service 

Some girls tend to call themselves Escorts to get the attention of clients looking to have a similar experience for the first time, when they really don’t have the experience necessary to be able to offer this service. While in Theory Love Escort it is well specified to the girls who enter to work that they must have some kind of specialty that allows them to offer the service, whether as masseuses, have experience as models, etc.. Since it is not only about being pretty and listening, you have to have a particular charisma for this job.

However, if this is not the case, the girls also specialize with us and until we are sure that they have great quality, we do not allow them to offer the service. Commitment to good service is something we take very seriously so that clients really feel as they should: in heaven. 

Organized processes 

As we mentioned at the beginning, it is essential that agencies offer you organized services so that you don’t suffer the evil of having to wait long hours for an answer or hire girls who simply don’t deliver what they say they will. 

At Theory Love Escort each girl that is on our website has a particular template where you can see from their services to their physical specifications and the languages they speak, and if you have a particular preference from the first moment you enter the page, you will notice that at the top of the website you have the option to make a particular search. To make the whole process easier for you, this is how a real London Escort agency is managed. 

Stable costs

One of the most worrying things about independent escort services is that many girls take advantage of the inexperience of new guys to charge much more than what they had put at the beginning of their ad, which in the long run can cost them a lot of their reputation. While in an agency, the prices are stable and once you are going to pay for the service you will be specified which are the services for which you are paying and which are your benefits. 

Scam Prevention

Believe it or not, you can get severely hurt emotionally or physically if you are not careful with the services available on the Internet. There are some very harmful people in the world, and they can use these underground dating sites and escort services to harm you in some way, such as kidnapping, extortion and home invasion. The best thing to do is to be sure of who you are hiring and go with a professional agency that knows who they are sending you to and have an excellent reputation in the area, such as Theory Love Escort in London.