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Why do clients prefer foreign escorts?

One of the peculiarities that we have noticed in our escort agency Theory Love Escort is that many clients prefer to hire a foreign girl a thousand times before opting for a residential escort, and this has caught our attention to the point of investigating where this particularity comes from. So if you are curious, stay with us today so you can find out why.

The first thing we want to clarify to start the article well, is that many of the girls who are working in our agency are really foreigners, that is, they come from abroad and it is not that they have some kind of feature and are French and immediately considered foreigners. We have girls from Lebanon, Mexican, Venezuelan, German, there is a little bit of everything and you can find your preferences with us.

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A question of language

Many of the people who ask for our services are tourists who come to London to have a good time, so it is quite common that they prefer a girl who speaks their language to facilitate the conversation. Although it should be noted, many of our native girls also speak other languages. And the vast majority of them speak English by default, in case you don’t get a woman who speaks your language but you have some knowledge of English and still want to enjoy the service.

Exotic choices

We’re not going to lie to ourselves, even though all the girls are beautiful, some of the foreign girls have certain beauties that tend to catch your eye. They may have a certain specific body type that catches your eye or they may have something about their face that makes you want to know what it would look like to give you a blowjob, it’s an innocent request that we agree with you to experiment with if you have the chance. 

Also the exotic can come from their voice, many of these girls have provocative nods that make you wish they would talk to you all day long. Like the Spanish, Colombian and even the Arabian girls. Here we do not judge anyone, we totally agree that trying is important to get rid of the desire, life is only one and we are not going to be limited by moralities.

Personalized attention

There is something about women from other countries that make them more desirable, and that is that many of these women have different customs than ours that makes them much more curious and special. French women may be excellent women, but it is worth experimenting with other girls on how they would treat you and what is customary in their culture.

It is often said that the most mysterious girls are the Lebanese escorts and the German escorts, but you can only judge that yourself once you order their services and enjoy a different day with one of these beautiful women that we offer at Theory Love Escort. 

Eye Catching Prices

Many of these girls are just starting out in the world of escorts, so sometimes their services are more often overlooked and tend to be offered on the cheap. So many low budget clients may opt for these women, only to find that they are just as hot, if not hotter, than the standard escorts that you will see on the rest of the website. 

Special Services

As we mentioned in previous points, culture is something important when working with a foreign escort in London, because not all of them are used to the same ways of working or offer the same services, and this is a very good advantage for some people, because imagine the sexual possibilities you can experience with an escort from India or Lebanon, or Latinas who have an inexhaustible stamina and can be with you for hours and hours.

It is said that each region has its own way of having sex and has its own preferences, it will be up to you to decide if you want to experience the new practices offered by these exquisite girls.