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Why do men prefer our tattooed London escorts?

Tattoos have already been accepted, a large part of the population has one and we wear them proudly, although, there are other people who really take the subject seriously and start to fill their body with tattoos for life, either for a particular reason or simply for aesthetics. Be that as it may, men nowadays have been much more inclined towards girls who have very large pieces of tattoos, and who comply with a particular type of aesthetics. This fact among our escorts has caught our attention, so today we will investigate and give you the conclusions as to why this happens.

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Reasons to hire an escort with tattoos 


There is usually a stigma around girls with tattoos, and in fact we can’t deny it, as it’s no coincidence that many of our tattooed escorts at the agency have the main BDSM service. This makes some sense at the end of the day, and the best part is that you can choose whether you are on the submission or dominance side of BDSM, depending on what you particularly like. 

Our girls can go from being rough women who control men, to docile but tough looking girls, which gives much more satisfaction to the dominant, to be able to dominate a woman who supposedly has a strong character. 

Aesthetic preferences 

Many people are attracted to tattoos, maybe to a particular form of tattoos or maybe just to people who are fully tattooed. Just as some people may be attracted to a particular hair color or a particular type of physique. Everyone’s tastes can always be varied, we all have the right to have fetishes. 

And you can kill this fetish and more at Theory Love Escort, with all the choices of women we have for you that satisfy all your deepest needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Shared Experiences

As we mentioned at the beginning, there are many people who choose to get tattoos not just for aesthetic reasons but for particular reasons of weight, so you may also have tattoos and you feel identified with these people, which causes you to want these people to be the ones who present you this type of services, and not only sexual, but feel more connected with the girls who will offer you girlfriend experience services or accompaniment. 

Feeling connected with a person to have sex or to share moments is very important, we could say that it will be the one who directly determines the quality of the experience. So we always remind you to choose your partners well so you don’t have any bad surprises. Always trust your intuition, and if it tells you that a tattooed girl is what you need, then take it. 

Why hire tattooed girls from Theory Love Escort? 

You can always hire any girl that comes your way, but you will not find the same quality as you will see in the girls at Theory Love Escorts. You will see that many of these women are so varied and each one has so many particularities that it is impossible to see them and not fall in love with them in a second. 

Each of the girls that work through this medium are carefully selected by our agency to meet all the needs that a standard person as a client can ask for, plus some divine characteristics that you definitely won’t get in just anyone. 

Forget about scams, escorts who only offer sexual services as a prostitute, and the bad times that abound in this medium. With the girls of Theory Love Escort you are guaranteed to enjoy yourself.