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Why do some people prefer Teen 18+ escorts

The youngest London Escorts are being a sensation in our agency, and we have several confirmed theories as to why there is so much excitement about these beautiful girls with fresh skin and luscious lips. Do you also get the idea? We imagine so, with how dirty our minds are, we can already imagine what it’s all about.

If you still haven’t tried the fresh meat we have in our agency, or you’re just curious about why this peculiar fact is happening, then stay with us, we’ll give you some reasons why this is happening specifically, maybe you’ll feel like going with one of our girls to your room tonight. Let’s get started!

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We are not going to cover the sun with one hand, it is normal that people are quite attracted to the possibilities that a young body gives you, and that many of these girls over 18+ but less than standard tend to be very athletic and active, which gives new possibilities for varied sexual positions.

For example, it’s a lie that a standard 35 year old can do a split and raise her leg up to her shoulders without something creaking, unless she’s very well preserved. Of course, nothing against Milfs, they are also some of the best things in the world. But these young girls in particular have their own thing going on. Imagine the possibility of positions you could pull off. 

Youth and freshness 

Have you ever heard the theory that young women who are close to you give you collagen? This is a funny theory, but what we can’t deny is that these girls when they are so young tend to make us feel rejuvenated with their carefree conversations and expressions. If you know what we mean.

There is something about them that just makes your body lighten up and you feel so much younger than you really are, isn’t that a plus for you? For us it sounds like a win-win, they have a source of maturity to learn from, and you have a form of satisfaction that makes you feel like you did before all the stress of work and life.


Innocence is tender, the feeling that these girls haven’t been used much yet and the fact that it will be you with whom they will experience all that you want to do, is simply appealing to some men. So yes, we recommend that if you want that feeling again you can always hire one of our young girls from Theory Love Escort.

These girls also have a peculiar way of looking, in their eyes you can see the fact that they want you to fuck them mercilessly. Are you going to miss this opportunity the world is giving you? 

Firmer flesh 

Have you seen the state of these girls’ skin? It’s just too sexy to grab flesh and have it be so firm that it makes you want to bounce it on your cock over and over again. One thing the bigger ones can’t help but age, so it’s important to take advantage of them when they’re so young and full of life. 

Theory Love Escort as your trusted agency

If you want to find the best women, with beautiful tits and ass, of all possible sizes and that give you all the satisfaction you are looking for, then choose to hire the models of Theory Love Escort, the best you can find in London.

The services offered by these women are special, as they are not simple sex workers, they are women who have studied and experienced a lot to be able to offer the services they currently give. You can only get the best of the best with these girls, are you going to miss the experience?